Thee - The Fire Within

The boys of Encore have got all the basic elements of composing right. They have come out with a rocking album with songs of different genre of music though rock (predominant usage of electric guitars) form takes a little edge over the other. With the help of musicians like Sivamani, Amalraj and few others whom they give credits as their mentors, they have done great job in using the instrumental pieces played by these musicians by putting them at right places in almost all the songs in the album. The most likeable thing about the album is the way they have beautifully built the layers one over the other in preludes and interludes of the songs. The layers in harmony and nice orchestration make us feel ecstatic when we listen to them. Also they have tried different sounds and fusion and it has worked out well.

The album starts with an electrifying rock number “Thee”. A very catchy one and the special live percussions by Sivamani take the song to greater heights. The electric guitar playing the tune of “Ayigiri Nandhini” in the interludes is a nice idea and the tune sounds great in this new form. Then comes a melody “Thai Polavae” with sweet vocals of Chinmayi. It is a beautiful melody with nice lyrics and a haunting violin piece. But I feel the melody would have got better and more recognizable if it were sung in a little higher pitch. Or may be the monotonous beats in the background were comparatively heavy and loud as the pitch of the voice is very low. “Dinam Dinam” is a peppy western number. Devan is the apt choice for this song. The guitar interludes are great especially the one which starts in western and ends with carnatic notes. “Enthan Uyire” is a yet another good melody. Prasanna’s soothing vocals and expressive singing enhances the beauty of the song. Prasanna is for sure a talent to look out for.

“Thee” theme track is six minutes of non-stop blast. It is brilliantly composed and performed musical piece. It starts with a very unusual violin piece in a low key followed by sitar, flute and electric guitar each playing a catchy tune. The main rhythm and percussions that connects all these pieces maintains the pace, rhythm and keeps up the liveliness of the track. “Pattikattu Mappillai” reminds me “Rambam bam” song. It just adds to the variety in the album. As I said, they have got the basics of this genre right. “Ulagathin” is one song that would have rocked Tamilnadu if it were used in a movie. The infectious Nadhaswaram piece with synth rhythms and Thavils beats along with Manicka Vinayagam’s rustic vocals make this track an irresistible one. In “Askku Buskku”, they have tried to stuff too many elements in a single pack. The tune is ordinary. Yet the track is listenable for the surprising twists and turns it takes from one form to another form of music. Summing up, Encore proves that they have a fire within with their debut album “Thee”.


bharat said...

Glad that you like the album!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. sounds very interesting. Is it out in the stores? Will it be released in Singapore?