Video Ipod made me Deaf and Dumb

Apple I-pod made me deaf and dumb. Yes, I feel how Beethoven felt when he gone deaf. Even after he has gone deaf, he heard nothing but music. He wrote the most popular Symphony No.9 when he was deaf. I wonder what sound that his mind and ears could have heard when he became deaf, may be his mind got trained to function without the help of his ears to hear music. I always dreamt of such a moment, how it would be if I were alone in this world with just music around me. Listening to an I-pod gives me that kind of experience. When I listen to my kind of music in I-pod I completely go deaf of outer world around me. Being madly passionate about music, often at my home, I use to speak with my roommates in sign language as I have this on my ears all the time. And that is why I said, I-pod made me deaf and dumb.

Sound quality can’t get any better. With the I-pod, I am having blissful nights by listening to new sounds in even old songs that I have heard 1000 times before in ordinary speakers. I am still in the process of digging out beautiful Bass guitar pieces running in the background in old Illayaraja hits. Most stunning finding as of now is the bass guitar in “Thalatta Varuvala” song. And of course, I have to listen to all A.R.Rahman songs again in I-pod, which has got beautiful layers. The layers in “Enthan Vaanin Kathal Nilavae” song from Kadhal Virus have blown me away, which I haven’t noticed before. Thanks to I-pod, I realize that I haven’t listened to music properly so far. There is a lot more to dig in deep from the music of geniuses. From now on, I would be able to understand music much clearly than before and will have a much better listening experience.

If you are a fan of western classical music, devices of this kind is a must buy. Western classical symphonies, concertos, operas have got lot of layers with 100’s of instruments playing in parallel. The true beauty of such compositions can be understood only when we pay attention to all these layers in detail and how they create a divine sound in harmony. Usually when I listen to such music on my CD player with big speakers, I have to keep up the volume high so that all these layers are audible. Even one of my friends left our home because of me hearing this kind of music with high volume level, which he couldn’t bear beyond a point. I think I won’t have such problems now. In weekends, I use to take my I-pod and go to the nearby beach in the early morning and play my favorite music and sit and relax in front of the shore. Trust me, it is such a blissful moment watching the dancing waves along with your favorite music.

This Video I-pod came to me as a gift. I didn’t put money out of my own pocket to buy it, so I can’t really say how much worth it is for your money. The worthiness of an I-pod depends on for what you are buying it. If you are crazy music and movies fan like me, then it is worth every penny of yours. It will be a priced possession of yours. If you buy it for just watching movies wait for better gadgets to come. You can use the I-pod as a handy hard disk for your computer as it comes up with 30 GB storage space. You can store even photos. Haven’t really used this feature. The display and interactive menus are simple and easy to navigate. But it also has got its drawbacks. But look for that information somewhere else. I just want to say I love it for that it has increased the time I spend with music.


Nitin said...

very true, ipod is great, appreciate all the music even more after listening on the ipod, the video feature is useless, and reduces battery life.

Filbert said...

Very true Suresh. You tend to observe a lot of minute stuff while listening to songs in any personal CD/ MP3 players and iPods are as good as they come in that category. Listening to your favorite music on your iPod sitting in a beach should be a sublime experience, I guess.

I always compare listening to songs in an iPod to watching movies in a Bose home theater system, bcos that is when you find a lot of sounds & dialogues which you will probably miss out in a theater.

BTW, was that iPod a gift from your employer? :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Nitin: Yes, movie watching xperience is not so good in Video Ipod.

Filbert: These days when i say i have got an Ipod as a gift, people will immediately know the company i am working in. Yes, it is from the employer.

Varun said...

i agree to it suresh. I too own a NANO. The Sound quality is amazing.

Prasanna said...

It really drives one crazy.Try it with Bose speakers and u ll experience high quality stuff.And its so addictive that u ll feel like listening to it again and again.Even songs which u don't like ll be loved.

Nitin said...

yeah, prasanna, its quite addicting, but after recent news that ipod stock headphones can cause hearing loss (any headphones for that matter), i have toned it down a bit, my volume on ipod is not too high, so just be careful guys.

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Karthik S said...

the hearing loss issue has been resolved in the last pod software update apple has released...I think on 23rd March. There's a auto leveller and user control for the top sound. Try that out.

Karthik S said...

the hearing loss issue has been resolved in the last pod software update apple has released...I think on 23rd March. There's a auto leveller and user control for the top sound. Try that out.

Sushma said...

While you're at it listen to Narumugaye. With plain old headphones it reveals several different sounds that regular listening does not afford you. I'm sure there are many more little details that you'll get with an I-Pod. Raasathi too.

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