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Considering the hype Karan Johar use to create for his movies and its music, there is no surprise about that the expectations are so high for the music of “KANK (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)”. I liked “Kal Ho Naa Ho” soundtrack very much though whether it is an award material is a debatable issue. It was not only a chartbuster album but also a winner of two national awards. SEL (Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy) won best music director and Sonu Nigam won a deserving best playback singer award for singing the title track. Also the comparison of KANK with KHNH music is inevitable. So what is the music of KANK, a winning and also an award material? Let us see..

The product can’t be called an outright SEL product. From the sound of the music, it is pretty evident that Karan Johar has interfered a lot into the work of SEL. As Karan Johar claimed he has ventured into a new area with this movie, he could also have allowed SEL to try something fresh in music. The music sounds more Karan Joharish than SEL’s. For trademark SEL stuff we have to wait for “Don” soundtrack. The problem with the soundtrack is that it has a serious KHNH hangover. The two main melodies (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and Tumsi Dekho Naa) of the soundtrack are definitely pleasant and soothing for our ears with soft strings and piano pieces but they are heavily inspired by the title track of Kal Ho Naa Ho. Especially the tune of “Tumsi” song is exactly the tune of “Har pal yahaan” lines from KHNH song. Also the songs get boring in the midway. Also the beats are so ordinary and clich├ęd. “Where’s the party tonight” is a sequel of “It’s the time to disco”. “Rock n Roll Soniye” is a mix of “pretty woman” and “Maahi ve” songs. I don’t know when I am going to listen to a remix like Rahman’s “Taal Se Taal” or Adnan’s “Hai Rama” and “Sun Zaraa”. The “Mitwa Revisited” is pretty ordinary. The flow and rhythm of the melody doesn’t gel with the rhythm and tempo of clubby beats in it. “Farewell Trance” has nothing interesting to offer. I don’t know why they went for a trance version of the melodies. Lounge mix would have been better or they could have done an orchestral version of melodies like how they did in “Kal Ho Naa Ho”. The trance beats doesn’t sound well along with the melodies on piano.

The likeable parts of the album are actually in the dance numbers “Where’s the party Tonight” and “Rock n Roll Soniye”. SEL always makes their dance numbers highly energetic that will instantly makes us to shake our body and tap our foot on the floor and they have done it perfectly well in these two songs. The variations and shifts to various genre of the music in these two songs are pretty interesting. “Mitwa” is a kind of song that SEL haven’t done so far. It is the only song that is fresh in all aspects. Though it has got a Pakistani pop feel to it (mainly because of Shafqat Amanat Ali’s voice and singing), guitar pieces and Shankar’s alaaps are all trademark SEL stuff.

Finally, the verdict is that if you haven’t heard “Kal Ho Naa Ho”, then probably this album may excite you. Award? I would be surprised if SEL gets even nominated for this score in any of the bollywood awards next year. Winner? Who knows, the album may become a massive hit after the release of the movie (of course because of the Khan factor).


sainath said...


thanks for the review. Though initially i did not like the soundtrack, i began to like the two melody numbers.

On mitwa, as you said it reminds us of pakistani pop song. Have you heard Mahi ve by Fakhir for the album Mantra. The treatment to Mitwa is similar to that song.

The party number is energetic but rock n roll is boring. Did you notice that the piano in the title track is used as the main tune in Dekho naa.

As you said lets wait for Don, i have high expectations. KANK will be a huge hit thanks to the hype surrounding to it and of course SRK factor.

Good review. Bye

Anonymous said...

i also listened to the track and well nothing much to say. its pretty ordinary track and i would say that it is very disappointing to have such music from the trio and in the johar movie. thats it

Suresh Kumar said...

sai: i too like the melodies but it would been more fresh without KHNH hangover...

anon: agreed, but wait it will be a big hit for sure

Varun said...

about the award factor .. it might get an award ... this is how... the movie got to be a hit because of Khan factor.... a hit movie means maximum awards like Filmfare, zee cine and all crap.

but i cannot comment on the National award as i haven't heard this album yet... nor i am interested to... waiting eagerly for provoked and guru. : )

krishnakumar said...

Great review...thanks for adding my blog to yours.
Keep writing....

Anonymous said...

Nice review,keep up the good job.

"Mitwa" is my pick.The sound quality needs a mention,full marks to the sound engineers.The sound is very well balanced.SEL have been going to Newyork for their final mastering of songs by Chris Athens.He is one of the top sound engineers in the world and has worked on albums of top international artists.

There is a Chennai connection to SEL's music,they come down to Chennai to record the strings section for all their films.They also often use Naveen (flute)to play for their compositions.Clinton Cerejo (vocals) and Karl Peters (Bass guitar) are some of the other guys based in Chennai who work for SEL.