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Finally, Aamir Khan seems to have convinced with the deal to release the DVD of Lagaan in Indian. Hope the DVD has some additional features other than just the movie, subtitles, scene selections etc., I mean the wait would be worth if they include the “Chale Chalo – The Making of Lagaan” documentary film directed by Satyajit Bhatkal which even won the national award for best documentary. I already have read the book on making of Lagaan which is as entertaining as the movie.

Rahman after revolutionizing the sound of Indian film music now tries to do the same with the financial rights of the music done for movies. I feel it is a step in right direction. More than anything else, my happiness is because Rahman would now have sufficient time to do non-film music albums.

After six months, I have read a new book called “Like the Flowing River” by Paulo Coelho. It is a compilation of articles and short stories written by him in various magazines. I would say it as a blog of Paulo Coelho in print. Though contents become repetitive after a point, it is enlightening and entertaining all through as any other PC book.

K.M.Radhakrishnan has become one of my favourite composers. He scores primarily for Telugu movies. His recent album “Maya Bazaar” though has got the feel good elements of his music is not as great as his previous “Godavari” or “Anand” album. And I still wonder why Aditya music didn’t release the audio of “Godavari” outside Andhra. May be quality doesn’t sell.

Tamil film music is going through a bad phase now, except for one or two songs, no recent Tamil film album is worth listening. I would prefer Hindi version of “Shiva” to “Udhayam 2006”, it really sounds horrible, I mean the lyrics. The new comer Paul.J has done a great job in “Yenno Ithu Yenno” song from ECR. The other two songs that I liked are “Kanja Pennae” and “Oru Kodi”. D.Imman after continuously doing dappanguthu numbers for Arjun and Sundar.C movies has found some time to come up with two good melodies “Vizhigalil” and “Kannukul” in Thiruvilayadal. The new singer Rajesh Krishnan does an impressive job in “Idhu Kadhal Kadhal” song from Vattaram (music by Bharadwaj). The other song which I really liked very much is “Ovvoru Pillayum”. The lyrics and the rendition of Mukesh make this song special. Mukesh has already sung “Theekuruvi” song in “Kangalal Kaithi Sei”. I have seen and admired Mukesh singing Seergali Govindarajan’s classic “Ullathil Naalla Ullam” from Karnan.


Filbert said...

Havent heard the ECR songs yet. But Vattaram is a decent album, though not definitely in the class of previous Saran - Bharadwaj albums. I liked the 'Naanaa idhu naanaa' song too, apart from the Idhu Kaadhal number. The albums that I am looking forward to are Paruthiveeran, Sivappathigaaram and Pachaikili muthucharam. Hopefully they should quench our thirst for some good music.

Anonymous said...

Definitely agree on the state of Tamil film songs. I have been out of touch since 2000. Haven't heard much.

Radhakrishnan's Anand and Godavari are classics. Yet to hear Maya Bazaar, but I had high hopes. Will listen to them soon. He is one director that is keeping the Indian melody touch in his films so far. I hope to hear a lot of good songs from this composer.

I think, the lack of good music has a lot to do with junk directors/producers more than talentless music directors. Of course, have been highly disappointed with the output of Tamil music directors for many years now.


Suresh Kumar said...

Filbert: Even those albums are in my expected list... I am still waiting for another "Kadhal Mannan" from Bharadwaj and Saran combo

Anon: Can't say that tamil film music has been totally bad.... I was just worried about albums released in past one or two months.. ofcourse, what you said is right, tasteless movie directors plays a vital role in for the song being of poor quality...

balaji said...


I am BALA, Chennai. Since from my child hood I have watched so many movies in many languages like English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Latin, French…. etc, & what I am trying to say is the way movies have changed all over the years, first I will tell about the distinguishing phenomenon which is ripping of the entire essence and taste of Tamil cinema.

Now a days films like thimuru, unakum enakkum which has same old formula of sentiments, actions & some catchy songs are running for 100 days while the films like anbe sivam, virumandi, hey ram, ayutha eluthu which had lot of difference in its story line and plot failing miserably.

Now the Tamil movies winning formula which they think is some psycho character acting strangely with lots of hair falling in front, and cunning looks, look at vallavan, the story is a mix of rajini starrer padayappa & so called movie “thimuru”, today’s youth have no idea about good movie, there is absolutely nothing different in vallavan except the director made very catchy & peppy songs with added footage of sexy girls & gizmos copied from the Hollywood movies & with one gana number making waves in the city, & what I am trying to say is now a days people blame Tamil filmdom for not making classic good movies or movies which are unique.

If director, music director & cameraman are too good then why don’t they try making an album with these items combined together rather than making a movie, look at vettiyadu vellayadu it has super hits songs & good camera work but the plot is same old psycho character with spoiled looks and blood on their faces, sure that movie had no substance in it, and other disgusting factor is they introduced jothika and other heroine just because they had two good songs like manjal veil and paatha mudhal naal. & Still people are seeing that movie and I feel totally amazed about the media, peoples, magazines are praising that movie.

Only in Tamil Nadu a good movie equals the response to a bad movie which has an extraordinary marketing technique by its distributors, with peppy songs and sizzling sexy scenes, I will tell an example of that good movie like virumandi received Luke warm response and ran only 50 days but a totally bad and movie with no substance like Gemini (this film ran for its song Gemini, Gemini) running for 250 days, the same law applies to thiruda thirudi while ayutha eluthu getting Luke warm response, are we not ashamed of this…? , It seems like peoples in Tamil Nadu have no taste of watching good movies these days.

Why cant Tamil filmdom produce movies like schlinders list, forest gump, and sixth sense, Philadelphia, To sir with love etc., if at all they come today’s movies goers which consists of 80 % of youth will reject it at all cost and watch movies with no substance or no different plot which will have only sexy heroines, peppy songs, and good camera work. And if we continue to do this even good directors like mani rathnam, shankar, bala will have their minds change and will make these kind of movies. Even movies like mudhalvan, sethu, virumandi, hey ram should run for 250 days and not for just 75 or 100 days.

How many days should we wait for watching a good cult classic type unique movie in absolutely Tamil…? When are our directors are going to direct movies like God father (English), shawnshak redemptions, the terminal, or when will Tamil directors make a movie which revolves around human emotions like To sir with love, Philadelphia, Being accused, titanic and brave heart. Even the great movies like server sundaram, 16 viathinile, mudhalvan, nayagan, and ethir neechal are made once in a decade, which is not absolutely enough. , Even Hindi movies are trying it different with movies like lage raho munna bhai, rang de basanthi which are so unique with substance and matter in it, and I bet the forth coming releases in Tamil will have good songs, sexy girls, super camera work but with no different story or substance in it.

Finally I end this with simple questions