Oscars again

Three of Rahman's Songs Chan Chan from Water, Khalbali from Rang De Basanti, Lukka Chuppi from Rang De Basanti are in the short list of 56 songs among which 5 is going to make it to Oscar nomination for Best Original Song category.

Among the three songs, Chan Chan is a real gem rendered beautifully by sukhwinder singh. One of the all time best of Rahman with minimal instruments. I really think it would be difficult to win an Oscar but atleast if we get a nomination, the song will be performed live on Oscar night which would be a great feet forward in the international career of A.R.Rahman. Let us wait and see. Here is the complete list of selected songs.


Adiya said...

Kudos to a.R.r

Adiya said...

Chan Chan ( Water ) inital piece sounds like Ghananu Ghananu ( Udit, Alka Yagnik, Sukwinder ) from Lagaan.. correct me if i am wrong.