Pray For Me Brother - A.R.Rahman

Will 'Pray For me Brother' song do to the world what ‘Vande Mataram’ did to India? That is a difficult question to answer. We have to wait and watch. The song is very thoughtfully written by Blaaze, beautifully composed and sung by A.R.Rahman. Though the song sounds international, it still has the typical Rahman’s Indian flavour in it, not just because of the beautiful usage of Mirudangam but also the way the song is set to tunes has a desi feel. The exclusive edition which costs Rs.150/- contains an audio CD with two tracks one is the vocal version and the other the instrumental version of the same song.

The pack also contains a DVD with the video of the song which is currently being aired in all music channels and also interviews with Blaaze, Bharath Bala and Blaaze. Bharat Bala has done a great job in the picturisation of the song. The black and white pattern enhances the impact of the expressions in the faces of those poor people. It adds to the basic emotion which the song is trying to spread across.

Rahman also features in the video but we could barely see his face, most of the time, he appears in long shots and even in those few shots where he appears close, he hides his face using a big sun glass. Well, if you are a Rahman fan, this is a must buy. A part of money that we pay for this audio goes to A.R.Rahman foundation. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just Pray, Pay for Brother.

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Let’s Make it Better and Banyan Theme

It would have been better, if Rahman had somehow included these songs also in this album.

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