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Here is a comment on my music for 'Marudhanayagam Trailer' that made my day.

Hi Suresh,
Apologies for the delayed comments. I wanted to be able to hear it more than once, to say something substantial. First of all, I’d like to say, great job!
Composing music for trailers is one of the most difficult things to do, because there are such abrupt changes in mood, unlike a song or an advertisement. This one is pretty long too, and so there’s that added problem.
In fact, I thought the trailer should have been cut better, to suit your music ;)
I like the fact that it starts off strong, then goes a bit soft, and then comes back strong. Working at home with a computer and samples is quite difficult, actually. I think just the fact that you are working on a computer makes it more difficult to imagine how it will all sound together. Without vocals to back you up, it’s even more difficult, because you are creating something out of just a mood, I suppose.

Any case, just a few comments I had - hope they are not too long!
1. I like the way it starts, but then there is no suspense/big hit for the first time we see Kamal’s face. That was one of the places I wanted the visual to stay for at least a second more on Kamal’s face, so that you could have perhaps hit a good, high/strong note for that. Perhaps not really your fault, but the editor’s!
2. I loved the way the music went when Kamal “rebels” and bites the guy’s neck. Bravo!
3. The percussion begins well, and when I’m getting used to it, it stops abruptly. You have mentioned you had to do that to change the mood, but I would still transition from that, and build up a bit more before letting go of that strong element. It pretty much dominates the first minute or so, and then you transition nicely when Kamal is on the bull(?), the aerial shot, and after he throws the rock down the waterfall, it becomes dominant again. So, letting it go after that abruptly is a bit surprising.
4. I like the repeated theme in different instruments that you use after “Lost his roots,” “lost his loved ones,” and “found a new religion.”
For the “lost his loved ones” scene, I thought the music might have been a bit stronger (perhaps more depth?) — he sems to have lost his wife who hanged herself or something.
5. For the Kathi sandai, maybe go a bit higher, or use the (cliched?) cymbals? Therla… it feels a metallic sound is waiting somewhere (the one you use at 0:52 before the end)?
6. I like the music during the quick cuts too (after “A rebel all his life”), great job with that. Perhaps can be made a bit faster?
7. For the cannon, I suppose you didn’t want to use the usual sound of a cannon!
8. After “Mohammad Yusuf Khan,” I think it is really great the way you make the cymbals sound — seemingly out of sync, but I think it’s one of the greatest things about your piece (at around 0:22 before the end).
8. Great ending too!
Hope I haven’t bored you too much with this long, long comments essay. Cannot wait for the next one. I am sure you have a great future ahead of you in music.


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Emanuel said...

great music composed for marudhanayagam trailor.

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