Ooh la la la Quarter Finals

I don’t know on what basis they have grouped 18 bands into 6 groups with 3 bands each. The problem of having such groups is that some very good band may fall into the same group and since it is mandatory to eliminate two groups in each episode, some really good talents may get eliminated. If there is any rule or logic based on which the grouping of bands is done, they could have mentioned it.

The first episode of quarter finals rocked. ‘Agam’ who performed extremely well missed out because of tough competition from ‘V3’. (You can listen to agam's bautiful original composition which they performed in the competition here in Harish's blog). Though V3 was good, lyrics were barely audible. For the sake of showing their versatility in singing, I think the lead singers of V3 went little overboard with rough singing in the original composition. If they continue the same rough singing in all type of songs, it may soon become repetitive and boring.


Ramesh said...

I too was thinking on the same lines. If 2 good bands or put in the same group, then you lose a good band in the next round. I too thought agam was very good and expected them to move to the next round.

Silicon Sillu said...


hi suresh, i am vijay(vallavar at gmail) did u listen to ShrutiHaasan'a album in the above link, its really nice and too good for a debut composer. expecting ur review on this album

btw, female composers are rare speices, isnt it?!! happy listening

Suresh Kumar said...

silicon - thank u so much for the link..will listen to it for sure