Kannamoochi Yenada Soundtrack

V.Priya + Yuvan’s ‘Kanda Naal Muthal’ was one of those rare soundtracks with all melody, all situational and all enjoyable songs to which I still go back. The soundtrack of ‘Kannamoochi Yenada’ is also breezy though not as instantly hooky as ‘KNM’. Yuvan somehow manages to bring in a variety of genres in the songs of all his soundtracks. KMY is no different.

It has got a typical romantic duet in ‘Megam Megam’, an east-west jam fusion in title track (less interesting than KNM title track), an innovative e-sound patterned rhythm in ‘Sanjaram’, all jazzy ‘Andru vandhadhum’ and hip-hopish here and folksy there mix in ‘Putham pudhu kathudhaan’. I am sure V.Priya would make interesting visuals for these songs which will definitely make us like the songs more, because right now, I am not too much into either the title track or ‘Putham puthu kaathudhan’ song. But other songs are on loop for sure. And a special mention to Thaamari for her no-nonsense, tune friendly lyrics though there isn't any out-of-the-box thoughts.

Inspite of being conventional, there are some interesting places in the songs. The strange way in which the first few lines of charanam end, an interesting vocal harmony at the end all make ‘Megam’ song an aural delight. The suppressed tabla beats (like the one we heard recently in Adnan’s Kisidin) in ‘Sanjaram’, rhythm with just water splashing sound and the constant variations in the rhythm pattern pep up the otherwise ordinary middle portions of ‘Sanjaram’. The jazzy interpretation and reworking of ‘andru vandhadhum’ song is refreshing. I want Yuvan to do more of such remakes than mindless remixes he has been churning out often. I like the way the song reaches ‘iruvar kannilum ore nila’ with a bridging ‘anaal’ or 'illai' in a definitive jazz fashion. Finally, someone has to seriously stop composers from using Madhusree for Tamil songs.


kanna said...

Short and sweet review, I'm going to go listen to the soundtrack now.
Btw, have you heard Bheema soundtrack? Somehow I thought it doesn't live up to hype, but then again that might be because there was way too much hype to start with, esp in kumutham etc. Overall, it's a standard soundtrack that satisfies, with some new sounds in a few songs, but not all that much experimentation. And, YES, somebody should ban Madhushree from singing Tamil. I am completely unable to listen to Ragasiya Kanavugal without getting into a bad mood for the rest of the day. I had the same reaction for Sahana song, but the tune and the fact that Udit's singing itself isn't bad (only his pronounciation) eventually won me over. This song doesn't have that merit. Mudhal Mazhai is nice, and the rest are good but nothing very special I thought. Except Rangu Rangamma, which I thought had an unusual sound for a dappanguthu style song, kinda catchy.

Suresh Kumar said...

Kanna - Yes, Bheema is standard soundtrack for a commercial movie but a pleasant one. I have stopped expecting something new from Harris. He is more of hit maker than a music composer. But my favourites from Bheema are 'Oru parvayalae' and 'Oru mugamao' songs.