Kanna Soundtrack

I got a chance to watch the live telecast of the audio release function of ‘Kanna’ in Sun Music channel in which they also screened the visuals of all the song from the movie. The songs are picturised well and I liked all the songs instantly. Ranjit Barot made a strong comeback to Tamil films earlier in this year with Urchagam. Now continuing with the same Urchagam, Ranjit Barot has come up with a predictable and yet pleasant soundtrack for ‘Kanna’.

‘Kuiyl Paadum’ is a simple song with Shreya Ghosal adding life to the tune and the lyrics with her cute expressions in singing. The runner up of Airtel Super Singer Junior Vignesh makes his debut in this song. Vignesh’s part of the song is fun and he has sung with right feel. ‘Thullum Thullalil’ has a nice tune and orchestration that reflects what the lyrics intends to say about life. ‘Ragasiya Kanna’ is a sweet romantic melody with all necessary ingredients mixed in right proportion and with Sujatha at her usual best. ‘Sembaruthi’ is an instantly catchy folk number that tells a short story of a newly married couple and thus breaks away from a usual song structure.

‘Aayiram Kelvigal’ is a pathos song that doesn’t evoke enough pathos with its tune, though the orchestration is right. But I liked the technique of layering a main lead and chorus singing the line ‘Ithu Kaadhal ennum’ in very low range with a string section playing the tune in the same range. It helps in the bringing the mood of the song quite effectively. ‘Azhaghiya Pennae Unnal’ is extremely catchy with its techno orchestration, rhythms, a vivacious vocal tune and lively rendition of Karthik. Overall, Kanna soundtrack is not to be missed.

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