Ameer in Saroja Audio Launch

A.R. Rahman is an Isai Puyal. He has created a sensation all through out the world, through his music. Now, he is not in this venue, but still, I have a question to be asked to him.

"He is composing music only for films with commercial interests. Why hasnt he composed for films which have a deep subject ?. He has composed music for K. Balachander with 40 years of experience, Bharathiraaja with 30 years of experience. why hasnt he composed music for Directors like me ?. Whats the reason for him not to consider ourselves as a Director?"

This is exactly what I was trying to ask in my post on Sakkarakatti music.


jaazay said...

It's not ARR's fault either.
The directors have to approach him first, I guess none of the mentioned newcomers have approached him with a good story/

2nd - budget. usually newcomers have a low budget to use and cant accommodate for arr's music expenses

3rd - arr has choosen to work only on 2 projects a year in Tamil so that he may give only hits - this comes after mixed reviews of jok and ah aah, new, godfather etc

so he may not agree on stories which may not be viably hits, musically as well as commercially

I dont understand why everyone is pinpointing arr now.

I only take ameer's comment as an outright desperate attempt to convey his interest in arr composiing for his movie. And news avenuse have called it as insult and all..

kumar.s.r said...

jaazay ,
you mean New , A Aa , Sillunnu Oru Kaadhal & Godfather were super hits of A.R.R ? ROTFL :)

kumar.s.r said...

Ameer should stop grumbling and look for an alternate like what Shankar did in Anniyan . Music of Harris for Anniyan was 20 times better than SIVAJI in terms of BGM & melody .

Vinith said...

Kumar IMO,

Chemistry betw Ameer and Yuvan is really good. So he doesn't have to move to another composer!!

Having commented like this on the stage where Yuvan was also present, i don't think Yuvan would put in much effort in Ameer's future ventures. This is just my opinion!!! Experts comments pls!

kumar.s.r said...

Vinith , I agree with you .

Shankar opted for Harris when ARR was very busy & joined hands in SIVAJI when ARR was available .That is chemistry !

Maybe the success of PV has made Ameer's tongue loose to talk like that in YSR's presence .

Vinith said...

Maybe the success of PV has made Ameer's tongue loose to talk like that in YSR's presence.

Thats 100% true!!!! He has taken the success to his head!!!

jaazay said...

" mixed reviews of jok and ah aah, new, godfather etc"
does this look like these are hits?
read the full sentence before you ROTFL.
arr is trying to avoid such albums mentioned above from happening in the future, to concentrate on giving hits, rather than misfits

kumar.s.r said...

jaazay ,
I got it :)