Raaja - A State of Mind

Rock, Jazz, fusion, world, hip-hop, folk, new age, pop, Indian classical, western classical, orchestral - In an urge to understand and appreciate various forms of music, I try and find the best in each of the aforementioned genres of music and listen to it. But sometimes I just get stuck with Illayaraja and think that listening to all those various forms of music is all but a waste of time. In times like these, Illayaraja (music) becomes a state of my mind and I say to myself, “Just listen to one genre of music - ‘Illayaraja’ and that is enough for this lifetime.” I often get into such a mindset and it takes a really fantabulous music of some other composer to shake me out of it. I guess I am not alone.


raj said...

No, you are not. :-)
To be fair, there would be ARR fans who say the same. But the conviction we have ...:-)

Anonymous said...

The confidence that IR has that this is where the composition should stop and to fix that that was the right flow came about and this is what the adequate orchestartion would be ...all these in lightning speed....is IR - the Great. I dont think in my lifetime i would see another Individual of such calibre.


Vinith said...

No you are not alone :))

Defining a new genre called "Ilayaraja" is perhaps the best way to describe his music. Good Suresh.

I have personally experienced this. I have listened to thousands of songs of various composers. But only IR's compositions have made my eyes brim with tears. Especially when it is IR-SPB song, thats a magic, miracle. No other combo would touch your soul. Kudos to IR-SPB. This combo is the 8th wonder in this world.

Emjay said...


You said it all. But, a small difference between you and me. You feel that sometimes, I feel most of the times. That is why I wrote:

காலை மட்டும் நனைத்து சென்றவனுக்கு
நீ வாய்கால்

உடல் முற்றும் நனைந்தவனுக்கு
நீ குற்றாலம்

முழ்கி வெளியே வராமல் வீழ்ந்தவனுக்கு
நீ நயாகரா

Bottomline, you can enjoy his music at various levels. I belong to one who is drowning everyday in Naigara.

Anonymous said...

If you have a very emotional mind you will always be in this state. And again IR is great...a true artist, of course businessmen never understood any true spirited artists, like our Beeth had said "What you are, you are by accident of birth; what I am, I am by myself. There are and will be a thousand princes; there is only one Beethoven."

Mahesh said...

you read my mind.many a times i tried to listen eminem,linkin park,black eyed peas...Hmm cant even listen more than one or two songs..I Wonder how all thse craps become so popular..thse are jus like rain time mushrooms naalaike paminem nu evanavathu puthusa vantha thse guys will forget eminem...but Raja is not like that his music will forever..

One mroe thing i cant understand eminem paaduvaan paaduvaan am keep on waiting poor fellow he's keep on talking....Ketta Rapnnu Solraanga(Atha nalla irukkunu kekuraaanga onnum puriyala)

Chandrasehar said...

mahesh it depends on our livelihood and feelings. Eminem's songs are popular because he usually brings out his anger about things currently affecting him. Add to that his catchy raps and westerners adore him. There are people who love to hear heavy metals songs to get them going or in the mood and sometimes rap while we just need a IR song to get us up and going.

vv said...


I fully agree. Raaja encapsulates all the styles which we want and like. If at all something is missed out (which is not common), trust him to get it in the next available opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Right now hearing...Kadhal Un Leelaiyaa (Jappanil Kalyanaraman)...what to say...if Thalai gives permission to be a spectator in Prasad Studio to see these creations happening...i think its enough for the lifetime.

V said...

"Kadhal Un Leelaiyaa (Jappanil Kalyanaraman)......"

Where does this song appear in the movie ?

Suresh Kumar said...

V - I saw this movie long back.. don't remember actually