Moods of Ilaiyaraaja

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A reader's Review of the book

laiyaraaja is the first composer to win a National Film Award in the newly instituted ‘Best Background Score’ category. The Award was given, not just because Ilaiyaraaja's score for the Malayalam film “Keralavarma Pazhassi Raaja” was the best of that year, but also because, in 35 year long career as a film score composer, every year, one of his films' score was always the best of the year. The book “Moods of Ilaiyaraaja” is a brief introduction, I repeat, just a “brief Introdution” to the genius of the film score composer Ilaiyaraaja. With an extensive analysis of background scores of few of Ilaiyaraaja’s films, the book elaborates why Ilaiyaraaja is and ever will be the best film background score composer in India. The book also traces the evolution and background of film scores in Indian films, in general.


1. Waking Up

2. Background of Scores

The Unsung
Making of a Film Score (Sholay)
Melody of a Song as Motif
Distinct Leitmotifs
Stock Music
The New Wave

3. Ilaiyaraaja's Incredits

4. Ilaiyaraaja and Ilaiyaraaja Only

5. With the Grand Music of

6. An Ilaiyaraaja Musical

7. National Award


Saravana said...

The format book provided by Lulu is PDF with Adobe DRM, which is not supported in Kindle. Do you have any plans to publish a Kindle edition ? or even better in PDF format with no DRM ?

Suresh Kumar said...

Saravana - I did think about this. But, then, decided to go for PDF with DRM because not many in the target reader group, read books on Kindle. Now that you ask, I will research more about Publishing for Kindle. Could you please drop a mail to backgroundscore@gmail.com ?

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