"Autograph" bags 3 National Awards

52nd National Film Awards

Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay and Best Editing - Page 3
Best Popular Film Award - Autograph (Tamil) and Veer-Zaara(Hindi)
Best Actor - Saif Ali Khan for "Hum Tum" (and jury says it has been awareded for his sheer ease and subtelty in playing a complex role. )
Best Actress - Thank god it is not Aish. Tara for "Haseena" (Kannada) - NDTv report wrongly mentions this as a Tamil Movie.
Best Film in Hindi - Raincoat
Best Cinematography - Mahesh Aney (Swades)
Best Art Director - Samir Chandra (Bose)
Best Costumes - for Haseena (Kannada movie)
Best Lyricist (As predicted by me) - Pa. Vijay (Ovvoru Pookalumae)
Best Female Singer - Chitra (Ovvoru Pookalumae)

"Ovvoru Pookalumae" was one of my Top Ten songs of 2004 see here

Best Male Playback - Udit Narayan again for "Yeh Tara Woh Tara" from "Swades"

Best Music Director - Vidhyasagar (as Predicted by me) for "Swarabhisekam(Telugu)"

My review on Swarabhisekam Album


Anyway, atlast a tamil film is able to bag the "Best Popular Film" award. But look the two movies which share this award, they are two extremely oppsite genre of films. One (Autograph)takes a realistic path and the other is a candyfloss love story with all masala ingredients but the point where both the ends meet is that both the films are successful (commercially). I haven't seen Veer-Zaara and cannot comment much on it but "Autograph" truly deserves the award. It is the most successful tamil movie of the year 2004. Made in a shoe string budget it did wonders in the box office and really made profits. "Autograph" also has the honour of being screened in Montreal Film festival and one among the very few movies which was screened repeatedly four times in the festival. I think this is Cheran's fourth national award after "Bharathi Kannama", "Porkalam" and "Vetri Kodikattu". But those were in some regional categories but this award is on National Level.

My review on Autograph


Zero said...

and yeah,
A K. Vishwanath's movie (Swaraabhishekham this time), as always, ends up getting the national award for best music!!

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