Scribbles on Kirukkalagal

Recently i read "Kirukkalgal" again. It is very good entertainer unlike most of Parthiban's movies. Here is a review on the book i wrote sometime beack

Scribbled What?
Though in general the book can be called as a compilation of poems of him, it is not actually poems or prose or anything. It is of kind that we have never read before. He has his own grammar for his poetry and he has stuck to it all through the book. The book includes bits and pieces of poems or hyku’s that he had written at various moments of his life along with the reasons for writing and it is also dated. It also includes unique answers that he had given for various questions in media and press interviews. More importantly there are some autobio kind of stuffs like articles about his struggle and success in life, his love story with an unknown girl before he fell in love with the then popular Tamil actress “Sita” and many other works.

As usual Different
Parthiban, as I said, shows some difference in anything he does and he does that in this book too. The way the book looks, it’s bounding cover, the way the contents are printed, size of the book are all extremely different from the conventional format of such books. Usually, the poems are printed in plain paper with some relevant pictures at the side and the title at the top in such books but Parthiban being a screenplay writer gives a visual treatment to all his scribbles. Similar to screenplay of movie, in which dialogues alone cannot convey the meaning of a scene, in this book also mere words in poems alone don’t convey the meaning and full meaning is derived when we associate the words with the art works printed in the background of the poem on a glossy paper. Don’t forget to watch the corners of each and every page or any little space on the page for that matter because he has something to convey in those places too with an art or a symbol or few words or even an empty space conveys something when you associate it properly with other contents on the page.

Like a commercial masala movie the book has got all elements in it like family sentiments, love, action, comedy, glamour, social message etc., the big plus of the book is that it is not written in complex Tamil words which this generation youngsters will struggle to read through. It is very simple, straightly reaches the mind and soul with the usage of simple words. Parthiban is very serious and witty at the same time while conveying some strong message through his poems which makes the book entertaining to read through. Believe me you will not keep this book aside after reading it only once and that is because of author’s sense of humor sprinkled all through the book.

Social Issues
He has got his own opinions on every other social issue. He has written quite a lot about women’s freedom, society and politics in general, poverty, terrorism, national integrity etc., at some places one could realize his utmost anger on society for certain issues. A long poem

“Anbudan” is a note worthy one which is a bit philosophical but has encouraging words for youngsters who are struggling to succeed in life. A poem on a lady beggar begging with her kids is excellent and strikes with the embarrassing reality. “Manushi” is an innovative recursive poem about normal woman. Selected few lines of dialogues from his movies “Pudhiya Padhai” and “House Full” are really thought provoking. The short poem “Madhya Pradesam” is an excellent take on poverty, famine and unity. “Ooi” is a very innovative long poem among the lot written with only one word in each line about humanity.

As like any Indian movie, love occupies the major portion of the book. A lot of interesting hyku’s on love is there. But a long poem about his first love and his practical approach to it is really intense and rise deep emotions in us by the way he has penned it. Also a poem called “Maiyal” about love and its true meaning has a unique thought and a repeated reading value.

Mini Biography
I am always interested in reading autobiography of people who succeeded in life after much struggle. Such a story of Mahatma Gandhi and my train co passenger means the same to me. Everyone’s life is a lesson and a wiser is one who learns from others experience. On this context, I enjoyed reading the story of struggle and success of Parthiban in film industry.

Other note worthy works are “Piditha 10”, “Aathi Pudhiya choodi”, “Bharathayanam”, a letter to Kamal Haasan on “Hey Ram” etc.,

Writing Poem
While reading this book, you will realize that a poem is not far away from our mind. It is simply a thought inspired by a real life incident that sows the seed for a poem. If all these thoughts are penned down with apt words with pleasing sound, it becomes a poem and further if the thought itself is unique then anyone can compile a book like this. But what matters is the right choice of words. One has to mature in word play and Parthiban has done a great job in playing with words in all his poems.

The book is not for
Hard core Tamil literature fans stay away from this book. The book needs readers with an open mind and without any prejudice about do’s and don’t of writing poems to read, enjoy and accept this rule breaking book.

The only problem that I find with the book it is too narcissistic. But we have no rights to complaint. As a critic we can say a writer or a creator only how he should have done it and not what he should do. And some of the poems aren't good enough and different like many others and lacks Parthiban’s touch in it.

So what do you feel about this book. Heard that Parthiban is planning to release a sequel for this book. Waiting to read that too.


Ramesh said...

hey nice review...i am expecting review for thotti jaya from you...

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even i have some poem from that book

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hey... thanks to you... I wanted yo gift Kirukkalgal for my fiance who is a creator by profession and was searching for a review on this book... Your blog has helped me in this...

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Suresh Kumar said...

Anon - Good to know this post helped you to buy a gift for someone special... thanks