Maestro Illayaraja - Live in Concert

Finally, what hardcore fans of Illayaraja was dying hard for is going to happen on 16th orctober 2005 in Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai. Yes, Illayaraja is going to perform live. My expectations are really sky high after hearing what Illayaraja spoke about the concert in the press meet. The happy news is that i am first one to grab the tickets for the show from Land Mark, Spencer Plaza, Chennai. Read more about the concert here

The highlight of the event is going to be

1) The 3 in 1 piece which Illayaraja composed for a concert in Italy. I have heard the piece already in the CD. I would really be a treat to listen to it unplugged.

2) If performed, any song from "Thiruvasakam in Symphony" would be great to listen.

My Suggestions

It would be great if IR performs some of his most popluar movie background score pieces with or without improvisations. For example, themes of Jhony, Nettri Kann, Mauna Ragam, Nayagan, Sethu, Idhayathai Thirudathey, Thalapathi, Guru, Nooravadhu Naal, etc.,Also I would like to hear atleast one piece each from "How To Name It" and "Nothing But Wind".

And my top 5 songs would be

Sundari Kannal Oru sethi (Thalapathi)
Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan (Guna)
Thendral Vanthu Theendum putho (Avatharam)
Oh Butterfly (Meera)
Rakkamma Kaiya thattu (Thalapathi)

I have chosen these songs mainly because to watch the live orchestra perform grand orchestral pieces in these songs.

I would be really disappointed if anye one of these singers (SPB, Chitra, Janaki, Yesudas) is absent as most of the popular numbers of IR are sung by them.

What are waiting for? Go and grab your Ticket. It is availabe in LandMark.


sekhar said...

Please let me know the ticket cost details....

Sanjeevi Kumar S said...

Hi suresh,

great man. What's the ticket cost?

Suresh Kumar said...

I didn't know what is the range of ticket costs but i bought 200/- ticket and saw 500/- tickets also

Bala (Karthik) said...

Unga vaikku sakkara thaan podanum. I was waiting for the info on where the tickets were being sold and got it here...
Raaja da man!!!

CSR said...

Suresh & Others,

While I appreciate (envy ??!!) your enthusaism, please dont have too much expectations built-up. Any orchestra performance cannot come even near the actual recorded song. And naturally we never had high quality concert halls. While there is no doubt about the perfection that will be delivered by IR within the constraints, let us not forget there are and will be constraints, which may cause the dampening of spirits later. Certainly one can enjoy such concert just for the lively performance/action of IR, but better prepared to tune our mind towards that only. So naturally HTNI or NBW cannot be performed in such auditorium with such orchestra. These are my opinion only. My best wishes for the success of the function and let's pray for many more such lively peformances in future by IR. Of course, it is needless to say that we can expect an excellent review from Suresh as usual.

RËÅGÂÑ™ said...


Do you intend to write a review for Sivakasi audio? Can't wait to know what you have to say about Sivakasi audio! But at the same time, I do doubt that you would listen to those kind of stuff.

Suresh Kumar said...

CSR: i agree with you, too much of expectation can spoil the interest in the show if not met. I don't be disappointed much if none of my expectations are met.

Regan: haven't heard it yet. i sure will listen but won't buy the CD. will listen to it online and post my opinion

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Any idea who the singers are going to be? It would certainly be a feast.! I wish I was there.!

Your song list it very good.
I'd like some of his older numbers as well..I mean the songs from 80's.!

Nithya Swaminathan said...

I love those songs u've listed too... What orchestration! Something only IR can even dream of creating... Thendral vandhu theendum podhu, my oh my! whatta number!

EnvyRam said...

Hi all ... if you are anywhere near adayar, you can get the tickets from Odyssey also

Anonymous said...

Hai suresh kumar i missed the ilayaraja show so can u please send me any information that where can i get that cd r dvd please mail me at svcengg@yahoo.co.in

please do the needful

Anonymous said...

Hi can anyone tell me if the DVD s are out for this concert yet? If so where is this available? Thanks in advance...really appreaciate anybody's info on this. Thanks.

Pls reply at shwethas@cox.net.