Ghajini - Review

Hollywood inspirations are nothing new to Tamil cinema. But what we people expect is a nice adaptation of the original with a screenplay that fits to our land. Inspirations have its limit. There is no harm if a creator takes up an interesting premise of a Hollywood movie and makes it into an interesting screenplay that fits our audience. But a scene by scene replica is a sin. I hope A.R. Murugadass has not committed that sin considering the all usual masala stuffs loaded in a right way in this movie.

Ghajini is one such interesting inspiration of a Hollywood movie “Memento” (I haven’t seen the movie, but read the softcopy of its screenplay). The lead character, his purpose of revenge, his short memory loss disease and the methods he tries to remember everything is the elements taken from the original. Around this character, Murugadass has woven a logical and convincing screenplay.

Sanjay Ramaswamy is a one of the richest person in India. He falls in love with a girl Kalpana, a model. They both love each other. Unfortunately due to a clash with a local rowdy, Kalpana gets killed in front of Sanjay. Also Sanjay gets a big blow on his head while trying to protect Kalpana but ends up in getting this disease called Short term memory loss.

It is a usual revenge story told in an unusual way. The story picks up in a top gear from very first frame and maintains it till the end. The way love develops between Sanjay and Kalpana is told in a hilarious manner. The characterization is Kalpana character played by Asin is the major highlight of the movie. She is so bubbly, loving, caring, witty, spontaneous and lively. It is this strong build up in those love making sequences makes the revenge measures taken by Sanjay believable. The screenplay as always moves back and forth but is not confusing. The director makes it clear to the viewers about the disease and what Sanjay is able to and not able to do in the very first episode through a doctor and Nayantara (a medical student). Actually when I recollect now I don’t remember the sequence in which everything happens and I am struck up at a point, how he got there, how he escaped from there, how de he find him etc., That is mainly because hell a lot of things happens in the movie. But while watching you won’t get confused for sure.

There are some scenes to show that Kalpana (Asin) has a very kind heart. While watching each of these scene involving her, I would expect it be a cliché but will end up as a fresh idea. Yet director could have definitely avoided that clichéd lines “ivaru ippa enga enna panikkittu irakkaro” to introduce Surya. Nayantara too have a very important role. Actually it is her character which takes the movie forward at many stages. This role would have been much better if it was not Nayantara. She is not visually believable as a student. Anyway she is kind of okay. It is relieving to see two heroines in a movie getting a meaty role.

There are some jerky moments here and there. Beware of it. There is lots of edge of the seat thrilling moments in the movie. All those scenes are composed well with enough punch. The suspense about Kalpana’s death is well maintained all through and when revealed we are convinced with the reason. It is very clear that Murugadass has tried to make an offbeat commercial entertainer considering the songs. The songs are picturised well and placed at right spots in the narrative though none of them is necessary.

The big minus of the movie is its climax. There is a long fight sequence which goes over board. Instead of concentrating on matrix kind of stunts, there should have been more emphasis on the psyche and emotions of Sanjay’s character in the climax as it was in Pithamagan. The end just lacks punch.

Surya is maturing everyday as an actor. This movie takes him one step ahead. He is convincing both as a Rich man and a strange patient. His body language for both the characters is completely different and most importantly he doesn’t remind Alavandhan even in a single frame. If not for anything, one can watch this movie only for Asin and her performance. She fits the role to T. Kudos to Murugadass for etching such a role and making her to perform this well.

“Oru malai” and “Suttum vizhi” still lingers. But Harris Jeyaraj’s background score is as always horrible. I don’t when he is going to come out of this chorus shouting something in some strange language for all action sequences. He is repeating it continuously for the third time after Anniyan and Thotti Jaya. R.D. Rajasekar needs a special mention for giving a rich look to visuals. Editing by Antony is trendy and crisp.

So after a series of bad to worst movies, “Ghajini” is for a sure a relief. Go and watch it. It is worth every penny of yours.


Arjuna_Speaks said...

Suresh - check my blog for a masterpiece symphony effort by Vidyasagar!

Anonymous said...

Your reviews remind of Vijay TV Madan.
You highlight +s more and reduce the -s. i feel you should be more bold in saying -s so that we get a true picture and not one more press review.

Suresh Kumar said...

hi anonymous,

my review is just my thoughts. if there is more +s it means the movie has +s more than -s. think you haven't read my revus on Aa Aah or Oru naal oru kanavu. it is my opinion and i don't write with an intention that it should look like a press review. if you feel so, i can't help it. i write what i feel and i am bold enough to say it is bad if i feel so...

mysorean said...


Good review yar! :)

I am going to watch this one on Tuesday! [Booked already!]

I like Surya, Asin and Nayantara. Nayantara is too well-built for a student's role! LOL!!! :))

Keep writing!

Sanjeevi Kumar S said...

Hi suresh,

Nice review ya.

Dreamchaser said...


I am really convinced on Asin's performance. Though I expected much from Surya, it was Asin who stealed the show :)

Excellent perfomance, she has very good chance to come up at top in Kollywood, I remember simran now when I think about Asin.

Asin, the girl does it all. And to be frank Nayanthra just gives us a Item Girl look in the movie, do you ever seen a mdedical college dancing for culturals stripping her dress in public, well the song "X-Machi" was one such thing.

The main thing is that Nayanthra does not have yound and cute apperance that a women should have. she is more or less like a aunty kinda body.

Specially she exposed a lot in "X-Machi" song and also in couple of run-away scene. Someone in her role might have done better job, I still did not like her performance.

Asin, she is still in my eyes (not sure if she is still in Sanjay Ramasamy's) ! You did the job well baby ;)

VJ said...

Suresh, you had mentioned earlier that Kasthurimaan was already released, but havent heard since. Has it been relesed yet and do u plan to review it?

VJ said...

I meant the music not the movie..

Suresh Kumar said...

vj, the CD's are not yet released? I am waiting for it

hellkay said...

Hi Suresh, it me LK :),

I really loved the way Murugadoss has beautifully concentrated on little intricacies in describing the character Sanjay, however i feel that the movie tends to slacken and lose it's grip over the audience during the second half.

Suresh Kumar said...

hi LK,

great to see you in my blog. yes i do accept that movie looses its grip at the end but still i like the movie. Murrugadass can't take credit for those little intricacies as it is lifted from "Memento"..

vijay said...

Suresh, are you sure cassettes of Kasthirumaan is released? how do you know about this as there wasnt any announcement of the aiduio release?

Suresh Kumar said...

hi Vijay,

believe me, i really saw the cassettes in the store.