Pithamagan Background Score

Here is a detailed write-up on background score of Pithamagan by Maestro Illayaraja that I wrote for forumhub magazine. The write-up also includes high quality audio samples. It is one of my all time favourite scores.


kanna said...

Wow, very detailed write up on pithamagan background music. I enjoyed reading it. People underrate background music so much and never notice it unless it's jarring and bad. Hopefully people reading this understand how much work goes into the background music and enhancing the movie.


Suresh Kumar said...

hi kanna,

Thanx for reading it. and yes that was exactly my aim while penning it... to make people appreciate background scores more.

Prabhu S said...

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for the writeup and the audio samples. Thoroughly enjoyed the your analysis as well as IR's composition.

Suresh Kumar said...

prabhu: thanx

Ramesh said...

Hi Suresh,

That was a nice write along with samples. Enjoyed it. Need to watch the movie once again so that the music can be even more appreciated.


Suresh Kumar said...

Ramesh: thanx, do watch the movie keeping in mind about these scores, i am sure the experience would be something different