Veyil Music - Cool

Factors like Shankar production and music being composed by A.R.Rahman’s nephew G.V. Prakash Kumar are enough to create expectations on the soundtrack of ‘Veyyil’. More than meeting our expectations, I think album meets the needs of the movie well as a soundtrack. It has got a mix of good melodies and earthy folk numbers that should work well with the film than being a hit material. Though there are no ground breaking numbers which it not required for a movie of this kind, they are good and from the quality of the songs I feel G.V. Prakash is here to stay. It is good that the music doesn’t sound like a newcomers work, there is finesse in the orchestration and arrangements and ofcoure Rahman’s influence is there but not to a large unbearable extent. Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics give life to the music.

“Veyilodu Velaiayadu” has got some earthy and catchy beats and some unusual singers like Frankom, Jessie gift and Tipu for a folk song. The good thing is that there are not too many layers in the background; just the vocals and percussion carry the song all through. The song sets the right mood for the rest to follow. “Uruguthey” is one of the most simple and beautiful romantic melodies in the recent past. With just Dholaks and a bass guitar in the background, the song rides primarily on the soulful tune and expressive singing by Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghosal. Interludes are beautifully arranged with beautiful Guitar, flute, Sarangi and sitar pieces.

“Ooranthotathilae” is another earthy folk number. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are funny but the rhythm reminds of lot of other songs. Rahman’s touch is more in this song in terms of arrangement especially the Guitar usage. Yet I don’t think no body had used Harmonica in the way it has been used in this type of song so far. And Sriram’s voice adds to the sounds-like factor of the song. Contrary to “Uruguthey”, “Kadhal Neruppin” is full of synth stuff with interesting sound loops and layers in the background. It is another good melody with Rahman kind of foot tapping western bits sandwiched between melodious parts. Karthik and Chinmayi have done a fine job in the song.

“Iraivanai” is a short and sweet situational melody sung beautifully by Prashanthi (I think she is daughter of Malayasia Vasudevan). “Sethvadam” is another short sober song sung by Manicka Vinayagam. And next is an authentic street folk number similar to the one we heard in Virumandi but this is not composed by GVP. A very interesting number with lot of twists and turns in rhythm and mood. It is good that directors choose to have such songs on their soundtrack without which we don’t often get a chance to listen to such songs often.


Anonymous said...


I listened to the songs of VEYIL. Really cool. Prakash has got a very good talent. He will become one of the few best musci directors in TN. Not so far.

My pick of the album could be "urugudhe" which has the verve of a good song. Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya have done a vey good job. Really good.

Iravanai and Kadhal neruppin are two more picks. i have not listened to other songs of this album.

Job well done prakash.

Vidhya Rajan

Anonymous said...

i am sorry but u disappointed me..veyil is horrible look like a dabakuthu songs

Ramesh said...

Veyil - well, tamil films are getting bold - or being shankar's production, cheap - 19 year old music director - pathetic songs. Come on kid - go back to school..!. I feel bad for Vasantha Balan. Already had a bad experience with Album - which flopped - and his second chance also doesn't look promising - except for Pasupathi in it.

Ipshita Guha said...


Did you read the fine print on the cover. A large part of the musical and technical crew is borrowed from Rahman: Sridhar's mixing is exceptional; old-Rahman crew members 'Flute' Navin and guitarist Kabuli do their jobs with graceful perfection.

The first thing you notice when you play the Veyil album is that the start section of the first track Veyilodu Vilaiyaadi is almost the same as the middle section of Sandakozhi from Aayitha Ezhuthu (music by uncle Rahman).

Suresh Kumar said...


I did notice that, but what is wrong in using same musicians, only that music should not sound exactly the same.... you pay money anyone can play for anybody not that Navin and Sridhar can work only for Rahman.... yeah agree with you about the prelude of the first song... but let us give him sometime... intitally when Harris entered into films, everybody said he sounds too Rahmanish but today there are groups who claim his music is far superior than ARR and he has his own style

Anonymous said...

Anywhere n Everywhere Indians r fit Only to eat their tummy full n Criticise ANyone or Everyone n that is y V r the gr8est on the earth n fit only to populate the earth!!!!,
DO anyone here ever tried out Composin a Little song, Criticisin n Comparin a yoUng guys effort with that of HJ(do u kno where he steals his musics from)...
The act of the Cheapest Creature on the Universe is wat is tat of HJ,
Don't discourage Newcomers, some blamed tat the songs were pathetic-do they know anythin about music??

Songs were fairly Good to tat of the Dirty HArris,

But Yuvan Rocks...
But for me ARR is the Ever best SOng COmposer in TFM!!!!

Suresh Kumar said...

Anon, whoever you are?
"DO anyone here ever tried out Composin a Little song" - recently i tried to compose one and realised again and was bowled over by what great musicians have done... my attempt has taught me a new lesson, never criticize even the worst of the worst film composers harshly...

Srithar said...

Prakash's composition is far better for this film bcoz director d've restricted him since its a village type story.Also the 'veyilodu' song is good drift from from the usual minor scale composition.Also the raaga(kaapi raaga I suppose) handled in 'Urugude' is simply superb.

Nice work Prakash..

Ace Maheswaran said...

Very well said anonymous! People do criticize well. Well I compose music from TN for overseas projects, n I lack touch with the cine songs of today, just heard Prakash's songs, "simply astounding" is all I can say. U guys blame him for using vocals without any meaning and that he stole it from HJ right? Well, for ur info, those styles come from AFRICA :p beat that. "NO ONE STOLE ANYTHING NOR CREATED ANYTHING" .

What is this guys? One guy brings some style of music into Indian cinema doesn't mean he created it!!!

Technically, as a record producer, a lil' more than quarter portion of todays songs contain "prerecorded loop music" that anyone with enough money can buy!!! Encourage new comers people. Only if u sit and produce will you people feel the bloody back ache.. OUCH !!! Cheers!!!