Kadhal Konden Background Score

Here is a detailed write-up on Yuvan's background score for Kadhal Konden, that I wrote for forumhub magazine. The write-up also includes high quality audio samples.


raghu said...

hi suresh, i am a regular visitor to ur blog.i like ur music reviews.

and i am a big fan of background music.i liked ur previous reviews for iruvar and pithamagan.i liked KK background music veery much, butfor me yuvans ultimate background music is for 7G rainbow colony.i think he can never recreate the same BGM.

scoring backgroung music for movie kadhal kondein is much easier, because u have a very intresting charecter like vinod, the whole movie runs on him,and ur music should support the many moods of him and the audience sympathysis with him an dthey know his moods by visuals ..so its very easy to provide the score.(i am not taking away any credit from yuvan hes done a fantastic job here ).in this the music is more complementary
but when u take a movie like 7G ,the movie doesnt have a charecter like vinod u go along with his mood through out the film,but with kadir u have to hate him for most of thee film and at the same time we have to understant what he is going through , what his inner feelings are. by the visuals and dialouges we can establish his charcter and rudeness. but music brought out his feelings through out the movie.through his emotional journey, the music takes the movie forward, all the inner feelings are conveyed by the music, i loved the way yuvan uses the orchestra and choir for a lower middle class set up.its the background music in 7G that takes it to anather level.when u look at the scenes individually they lok like normal scenes but its the background score that evokes the feelings .even the score when u compare with KK the score in KK aare instantly cathy and they define the perfect mood, u can hum them outside, but in 7G they r not instantly cathy ,it takes u in a all together different mood, but still u canot hum the tune ,take the scene where anita first touches kadir in the open theatre look at the score its very dramatic but the actual scene is not so dramatic thats where yuvan succeeded, even if u take most of the 3o min doent have dialogue , it has only background score.andi think its the directors vision that matters the most.selva and yuvan have created a bench mark .and its very difficult even for them to move beyond it

7G still hauntss me when i hear the back ground score i go in to the mood of the film instantly,i think for yuvan 7G is his highest achievment (BGM)and i think its very difficult to move beyond it.

the main theme is copied from ILLAYARAJA JHONNY.(i hated yuvan when i learnt this).but still it will remain as a mark

Suresh Kumar said...

Hi Raghu,

From your long post, i understand how much you like the BGM of 7GRBC, i do like it a lot. Ofcourse you said, 7G has more minuted of background music than KK, i have the original soundtrack CD of the movie with 28 tracks...but Yuvan has not copied just IR's Jhonny theme but i found another piece also directly lifted from a hollywood soundtrack... This is what that puts me off... why should Yuvan do this, when he himself can score good music. Anyway, 7G is there in my list, i will write about that when i come back again to Yuvan in the series.

rekhs said...

hi SK,r u the same guy who writes in mouthshut?cn i pls get in tch with u emailwise?if so pls mail me @ rekhs_h@yahoo.com