Pachaikili Muthucharam Soundtrack

Intha Padaththin Padalai Patriya en karuththai Ingae Kaetkalaam


kanna said...

Hi Suresh,

Nice review once again. I see you're doing it in thamizh now. nandru nandru :)
I thought the soundtrack as a whole lacked a flavour. As in, Unnale Unnale, whether or not it was a good album, had an overall feel that was consistent in all the songs. Another example I can think of is Boys. But for Pachaikili, I don't feel any overall feel. Each song might be good in its own right, but seemed a bit disjointed to me. Dunno, just a gut feel.

Btw, did you hear the Guru soundtrack in Tamil? I thought Jodi Jodi and Paisa Paisa were nice but the rest were better in hindi. Esp Barso Re and Jaage Hain. I don't know hindi, so not sure if ppl who do will agree with me on this.


Suresh Kumar said...

May be, ur right about connection btw the songs. But in the commercial soundtracks with a wide variety of song, how can you find a link. In that sense, ofcourse every song souded youthful and peppy.

About guru in Tamil. Yeah, i heard it, Really liked the tamil version of 'Barso Re' and 'Ek Lo Ek muft' and i agree others were not at par. Even i am very well versed in Hindi but i feel, on the whole hindi is better.

Adiya said...

just a readers digest.. how about veeraswamy music review? T.R turned tamil music industry from the normal IRis flow to his beats.

:) out of 14 songs most of are catchy and definitely reachout audidence .

Suresh Kumar said...

adiya... will try to listen to the tracks of Veerasamy...