Mungaru Male Soundtrack

I came to Bangalore only 2 weeks back but heard a lot about the movie ‘Mungaru Male (The Monsoon Rain)’ and its music by Mano murthy. Immediately bought the soundtrack and for past one week I am listening the songs. I never have heard any Kannada songs before, so it was initially little strange and tough to get used to the sound of the language. It is difficult to review a movie soundtrack which is in a language you don’t understand. Though music has no language, a film song isn’t just music. It is a beautiful amalgamation of poetry and music. In addition, an impact of the song also depends on the visuals and its apt usage in the movie. Based on how and where it is used, a better song could become a best song. I may be one of those unfortunates who aren’t able to cherish the beauty of these songs in its entirety as much as someone who knows the language would but I am quite happy with what I could experience with just the music.

Anisuthide or Araluthira could easily be a popular bollywood number. The guitar pieces, saxophone, strings and the beats are typical bollywood stuff and to add further to the feel, Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal have rendered the song. The orchestration of the song is good but quite predictable except for the surprise conversation between vocals and solo violin towards the end which add more depth to the emotions in the song. Even without understanding the lyrics, one could identify with the emotion that pours out of the haunting melody.

There is an easy way to find whether a composer has an intuition and natural talent. Give him just a solo instrument or a minimal orchestra (no computers, no electronic gadgets or synthesizers) and ask him to compose a song. If he could get an arresting composition with such restrictions, then he is the one to look out for. I thought that Mano murthy is also one such composer after listening to Ivanu Geleyanalla. Shreya Ghosal’s expressive, exquisite singing along with beautiful strings flowing perennial emotions in the background, the song transports us to a different world.

Mungaru Male title track is another beautiful composition which could easily cross boundaries. I like the way Mano uses strings. He has a clear understanding of the wide range of emotions which Strings could easily bring in. Kunidu kunidu is a formula duet with all necessary ingredients but good. Udit Narayan is a great singer in Hindi but in south Indian film songs he is a misfit. His lack of flow and staccato singing causes enough harm to the melody of the songs.

Onde Ondu Saari is a peppy track. The interesting element of the song is the beautiful female humming bits that come as a counterpoint to the lead vocals all through the track. Suvvi Suvvali is rich with bhangra flavour. It is instantly catchy with foot tapping rhythm. In spite of the bhangra bits and beats, the vocal melody goes totally south Indian in every aspect.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a true fan of music, you will definitely like to get drenched in the melodious showers of ‘Mungaru male’.


Adiya said...


i am on to the Mungaru Male fever for the past 6months. quite nice movie and songs also nice.

my choose comes first for
Anisuthide or Araluthira and Mungar Male.

u can try out other Mano Moorthy songs quite peppy and melody also.

Prabhu S said...

Just when I thought Mano Murthy would be the much wanted talent in the Kannada music industry..hiw work for the film, 'chelluvina chitare'(remake of 'Kaadhal') is highly dissapointing.Whats more..he directly lifts ditto one song from 'Kaadhal'..

Adiya said...

check out his america america movie.

Noor Janmakku is nice song.

Suresh Kumar said...

adiya - I will chk out the other songs of MM

Prabhu S- The list could be becoz of pressure from director and the producer of the film but the thing is they should have given the due credit to the orignial composer...

Anonymous said...

He has given credit to the original composer in the album. The album cover has the tamil music director's name mentioned. Such is his work ethic