Ooh La La La - Wow!!!!!

‘Ooh La La La’ is a very exciting show in more than one way. One side we have the best composer of India coming forward for such a noble cause and spending so much time in judging the show,giving interviews, directly meeting the bands etc., On the other side, the packaging of the show is what I am really got stunned about. We have never seen a show which is as tightly packed as this one. It is well edited with just enough time alloted to everything that is happening in and around the show.

They cover so much in just over 20 minutes without wasting even a second. What could have lasted for 10 episodes is cut down to just one episode and good thing is that they don’t leave anything behind for the sake cutting it short. Hats off to the technical crew of this show. Also the show has a well maintained site in where every episode is uploaded at 10.30 p.m every Sunday right after the telecast ends in Sun TV. This way I am happy that I won’t miss any episode of the show.

So far, among the songs performed, though shown only a little time, I like ‘Ooh la la la’ sung by a band in which the singer Kalyani is a part of. I am humming it ever since I heard it in the first episode. I don’t know why pure instrumentals are not encouraged in the contest. One of the main parameters for judging the band is the Vocal performance. Why can’t a band have no singers and perform just instrumentals?


Saraks said...

But what is point in having an hour an show which is more like a trailer of the full show. Sun should see beyond not-imitating Vijay TV's sets(They deliberately make it not looks like their rival's-Anbudan is/was a more apt example) and understand what makes them click.

Suresh Kumar said...

Saraks - Please watch the third episode..