Classically Mild

It may be a different experience for Sonu Nigam to sing songs based on pure classical raagas for his latest album ‘Classically Mild’. But the immediately striking factor in the songs is his singing and those divine expressions and emotions that his strained vocals finally bring out. I don’t know what these classical raagas are or how perfectly Sonu has sung it, but for sure whatever he has sung, it has come from his heart.

Singers like Sonu Nigam, S.P.Balasubramaniam or Sukhwinder Singh are those rare species, on whom a composer can rely on for that divine magic to happen whose singing will take song above the mere musical notes written on the paper. There is no grammar or musical notations available for the feel that they pour in between each and every musical notes they sing.

Sonu Nigam has done all that he has done here in this song in his film songs, it is just that all the songs are brought together under a title like ‘Classically Mild’. Though songs are based on classical raagas, which are often too heavy on melody, the songs, as the album title implies, are mild and not too heavy on the listeners. The beautiful and soothing orchestration and fusion elements of Deepak Pandit aids and adds to the lighter feel.

Now, eagerly waiting for Sonu’s next album 'Rafi Resurrected' for which he has recorded Mohammed Rafi’s classics with Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

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s.j.simon said...

Didn't realize how many songs Sonu has sung in his career. I am a big fan. I found this great site that has tons of songs sung by him. Enjoy!