Yaaradi Nee Moghini and Udit Narayan

When I heard the Telugu version of ‘Yaaradi Nee Moghini’, initially I thought it was simple and good but lacked the usual punch of Yuvan + Selva soundtrack. But after watching the movie, I started liking the songs more. Filled with pleasant melodies, minimal yet elegant orchestration and familiar rhythms, ‘Yaaradi Nee Moghini’ soundtrack is an easy winner.

Udit Narayan

Though I understand that one cannot stop composers from using non-Tamil singers for Tamil songs, I couldn’t stop complaining. In an interview, when Pepsi Uma asked Rahman about using Udit Narayan for the ‘Sahana’ song in Sivaji, Rahman told that the singer shouldn’t be blamed for it, as it is the director and the composer who have the final say about which singer to choose for a particular song. And Rahman justified his choice by saying that, Udit’s voice added an extra charm to the melody and brought in the right emotions to the song. True, the melody carries an emotion but what about the emotion that a lyricist brings in through his words, whose responsibility is it to maintain the purity of those emotions? Isn’t that a duty of a composer? If I were there in that interview, I would have asked Rahman to elaborate on his justification. I saw a subtle arrogance in Rahman’s statement in that interview. Don’t we have good enough singers who know Tamil and who could have brought in the same charm to the melody?

Like Rahman, Yuvan also continues to give some of very good melodies to Udit. He used him for the songs of “Aadavari Mattalukku Ardhaalu verulae” and is repeating the same in its Tamil version ‘Yaaradi Nee Moghini’. Just because the songs sung by non-Tamil singers become a hit, it doesn’t mean that people are accepting and enjoying it. We only have learned to tolerate it.

It is okay if they use Udit for mindless kuthu songs in which nobody is going to care about what they are singing. But why for songs which is strong on melody with minimal orchestration, where it is just the vocal that has to carry the song throughout? The songs Udit has sung in ‘Yaaradi Nee Moghini’ are of this type and hence it is so annoying to listen.


chandrasekar said...

well said..but look at the songs he has sung for ARR...kaathalikkum from kadhalan and kuluvalile from muthu..i thnk the songs wouldnt hv been as attractive if it had been sung by a native singer...there is no purity whatsoever in "kundu malli" or "endha kachchi...namma kaccchi"udit did a neat job in sahana from sivaji..though it wud hv been better if it had been sung by someone else....ARR innovated and other MDs made it a trend....just defending ARR..I am totally with u otherwise..udit narayan,madhusree they r all the same....we'll start a campaign wat say??;)

chander said...

and btw...this is my first comment even though i hv been reading your blog for some time...I think u r doing a gr8 job..especially the background score blog...it's a blessing..to hear the rare raaja tracks...all the best!!..and do keep doing this...

Suresh Kumar said...

Chandrasehar - Though it wasn't bad, i couldn't buy the Rahman's statement that it sounds better in Udit's Voice... I had no problems with Kuluvalilae and Kadhalikkum... I have problems only when Udit is used for solo melodies that relies totally on vocals.. thanks for ur comments... I will keep doing it..

jaazay said...

Pepsi Uma interviewed Rahman? When did this happen? I guess this was in Kalaignar TV - to which we foreigners have no access to.

And no, Rahman was right. It was Udit's voice that brought out the charm in the song. If you had notice, Udit's diction and pronounciation was very clear particularly in this song compared to all other Tamil songs he has sung so far.

ARR has said he will not use Udit in an interview in early 2000's.. So, you should know who forced him to get him sing...

Suresh Kumar said...

Jazzay - Yes it was in Kalaignar TV. But Pepsi Uma has interviewed Rahman few times before for Sun TV.

About, Udit, has he brought a unique charm to the melody which no other tamil singer would be able to bring? I do agree that there are lots of other factors but given Rahman's stature, i think people would agree if he insists

jaazay said...

I just realised that the Engeyo song from YNM has a misterious reminiscence to the song from Winner which is also sung by Udit - Enthan Uyir Thozhiye.

Yuvan is known for his inconsistence and repetitiveness, apart from his great melodies and unique e-beat hip hop songs that drive the youth wild.

jaazay said...

I just realised that the Engeyo song from YNM has a misterious reminiscence to the song from Winner which is also sung by Udit - Enthan Uyir Thozhiye.

Yuvan is known for his inconsistence and repetitiveness, apart from his great melodies and unique e-beat hip hop songs that drive the youth wild.

Suresh Kumar said...

Jazzay - Enthan uyir thozhiyae is one of my favourite melodies by yuvan.. though terribly sung by Udit... yes I also felt so.. but it isn't exactly the same

Karthik said...

Good one. I can see his difficulty in pronouncing Tamil at many places. Looks like the MD's are taking listeners for granted. The trend has to change.

Prakash Srinivasan said...

Suresh..i agree with u. But I felt that Udit's pronunciation in sahana was his best (relatively speaking) than the other songs which he has sung.I dont mind if non-tamil singers sing but they have to pronounce the language (be it Tamil, telugu or Kannada as even a lot of bollywood singers sing there. The best pronunciation is by Shreya Ghoshal & even Sonu Nigam sang Poo Poothathu (Mumbai Express)& Vizhiyil (Kireedom) so well, though he has sung only 5-6 tamil songs till now.

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Souvik Chatterji said...

Udit Narayan, is probably the most unique singers who had graced bollywood films for the last 20 years. The main reason of his success was that he did not imitate any legendary singer for getting entry in bollywood cinema.

Chandan said...

Abe Suresh Kumar Tu To Madhar chod hai sale, Achha nahin hoga yadi tu udit ke baare mein kuchh bolega