Sundar C.Babu

Sundar C.Babu is one composer to look out for. I fairly understood his potential in his debut soundtrack ‘Sithiram Pesudhadi’ where he included background score pieces from the movie in the CD and most of them are good instrumental pieces. Though I haven’t seen Sithiram Pesudhadi, I still remember the Henchmen theme.

When I saw the song ‘Kathala Kannalae’ from the latest movie ‘Anjathey’ on music channels, I thought this is just another hit song like ‘Vaala meenukkum’, but only later when I bought the soundtrack, I found that Sundar C.Babu hasn’t learned his music through gadgets. Every bit and every note of the song is catchy to the core, but what puts this song notches up above usual catchy kuthu songs, is the simplicity in its orchestration, the beautiful chorus line he has composed for the entire song that gels so well with the main melody and subdued rhythm sounds. With such a catchy rhythm, any composer would get tempted to include more rhythm layers and increase its volume level, but Sundar stays away from everything and leaves the song with just a single rhythm pattern looping around, and it is never loud. He seems to be a composer who cares for simplicity in melody, elegance in the orchestration. Listening to ‘Kathala Kannalae’ is as pleasant an experience as listening to any soft melody.

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vv said...

True. "Kathazha Kannaale" is a very nice effort.

Though I am not a fan of the 'Kuthu' songs, I liked "Kathazha Kannaale" very much.

The song captures me more out of its orchestration and the way the lines have been juxtaposed, if I may use that word.

As an aside :
I feel 'Vaala Meenukkum' is way behind this song - though it is much above the average 'Kuthu' song.