Sithiram Pesudhadi

I am always interested in taking the risk to buy the album by a new composer. It is basically out of curiosity to know what he is capable of. I consider a lot other factors but yet most of the time I buy it just for the new composer. It is how I bought this soundtrack called Sithiram Pesudhadi by a composer called Sundar Babu. Suddenly there seems to be lot of publicity for this movie which is going to release tomorrow and in Chennai it is getting released in Sathyam Cinemas.

The album has got 12 tracks including 5 instrumental themes. Well I was disappointed by the sound more than the music of the album. Actually the composer has got the notes right but not its sound. I feel the theme tracks would sound better if it were recorded with a live orchestra or with keyboard and gadgets of better quality. Even with such systems, with better sound engineering it would sound better.

A.R.Rahman composed and recorded the western classical piece “Waltz of Romance” for Lagaan in just one night. Satyajit Bhatkal in his book “Spirit of Lagaan”, admires the genius of A.R.Rahman for making such a piece with just a single keyboard which sounds like that of played by a 50 piece orchestra. These new comers may not get such highly sophisticated systems to compose and so the result sounds like that of the background score of DD serials.

Among the songs, Idam Porul Paarthu is a good number with nice arrangements. Also, the gana song Valameenu is catchy. I didn’t like the other songs much.

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Shankar said...

Sundar C Babu - The C stands for Chitti Babu the popular veena player. This guy seems talented musically, but his sound engg folks aren't good.