Chakravyuham Soundtrack - Karthik Raaja

Karthik Raaja comes up with yet another beautiful soundtrack in ‘Chakra Vyuham’ with great amount of experimentation on orchestration and sounds in each and every song. The main melody of ‘Idhayathai Kaanom’ could have become just another folk number, but the synthbass pattern that loops around, soulful strings and various instruments subtly following the lead vocals add up to give a whole new dimension to this folk. ‘Ithu thaan Chakra Vyuham’ is kind of an interesting theme piece with various motifs running on vocals, strings, harmonica and chorus.

‘Neer aadiduvom’ surprisingly starts like a French opera and turns into hip-hop with a very catchy melody and a structure that alternates between monologue and singing. ‘Padaithal Kaathal’ is another short theme piece with a subdued starting and a punchy heavy bass rock bit in the middle. ‘Yei Unnidam’ is a typical Karthik Raaja breezy romantic melody which is heavy on melody, mild on beats and easy on ears. The songs in this soundtrack are hardly hit material but I sincerely hope that atleast this movie works for Karthik Raaja.


Filbert said...

Awesome album, Suresh. 'Yei Unnidam' is the pick of the album, IMO. Its amazing how this guy continues not to get the attention of the mainstream movie makers. Hope Shankar's 'Irattai Suzhi' changes that, for good.

Suresh Kumar said...

Shankar's 'Iruttai Suzhi'? - Thats news to me. But anyway happy to know that KR is working in under a production house like S pictures, which is well known for its publicity and marketing... sure Shankar will market the audio well

Vinith said...

Yeah. KR doing in S pic is really good opportunity to be grabbed.
Shankar will personally sit with KR to get the best out of him.
It would be a gr8 break thru i hope.

varun said...

i am telling you not many people understood the language karthik raja sir was abt to tell

my fdns cudnt but i could feel the vibrations

kr rockzzzz

Suresh Kumar said...

Varun - True.