Vallamai Tharayo Soundtrack

Gone are the days when Bharadwaj use to give good melodies only for Saran movies. With Saran doing crass commercial movies these days, Bharadwaj doesn’t get much of scope in Saran’s movie to experiment or push the envelope. Though Bharadwaj is little inconsistent, when approached with right scripts and under good directors, he has given quality music. He does it again in ‘Vallamai Tharayo’ directed by a newcomer Madhumitha.

Though the composers always claim that they put equal effort for all the movies, from the final output, you can easily sense that when a composer has sincerely worked hard with an intention to make it work big. And ‘Vallamai Tharayo’ is one such soundtrack for Bharadwaj where he has put in a sincere effort.

It is an all-melody soundtrack with typical Bharadwaj sounds in it. This soundtrack is like a compilation of the kind of the songs in which Bharadwaj is best at. You get an ‘Enakena yerkanavae’, a ‘Thaiya thaa’, an ‘Unnodu vazhatha’, a ‘Naana ithu naan’ in one soundtrack. The melodies are kept simple with heavy Hindustani flavour. The songs are supported with an elegant orchestration done by careful layering of pleasing short melodies on many classical instruments. Ofcourse, there is a rock mix with indispensable electric guitars in most of the songs. ‘Vallamai Tharayo’ reminds us once again that Bharadwaj is here to stay as a composer.


Filbert said...

Yet to listen to this one, Suresh. But waiting to see your take on Dhaam Dhoom (& Kuruvi, if it deserved your time) :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Haven't heard Dhaam Dhoom yet... was listening to Kuruvi but stop listening to it somewhere in the middle... then i didn't feel any urge to listen to it again... anyway after the movie's release they will be playing all the songs in TV and we are going to hear all the songs repeatedly everyday...