Kaadhalikka Neramillai Title Song

The title song of Vijay TV’s ‘Kaadhalikka Neramillai’ serial is one that I am listening to daily since its start. Typical of any Vijay Antony’s romantic songs, the melody of this song is so romantic and beautiful, and though the female voice (the title credits doesn’t mention the singers name) sounds little amateurish, the innocence in the voice adds a fresh flavour to the song.


Anonymous said...

Must be a conflict of tastes:-) Even I listened to it after hearing so many praises. But found it to be very amateurish. Yet not a surprise that it is a hit with the young set.

Have you heard the folk title song of the Madurai serial. It caught my fancy more, for the tune and lyrics.


Suresh Kumar said...

Kajan - I like Madura title song also... I think this song is a hit especially becoz of its amateurish sound

aliens said...

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Vinith said...

i never knew abt this song until i heard this song as a hello tune when i called up some unknown person. it caught a bit of my attention (suresh as u rightly said only the voice attracted me)
then yesterday i heard the this for 2nd time (this time as a ringtone of a mobile). i instantly liked it.
then i enquired abt the song then came to know that this is the serial song in vijay tv. thats when i recollected ur writing. Since you didnt mention the song lines i couldnt recognise it at first.
the song is really worth listening. :)

vijay said...

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