Remix Rahman's Ada

Rahman in collaboration with Nokia recently announced a remix contest in which we have to remix two songs from Rahman’s forthcoming Hindi soundtrack ‘Ada’. One minute clips of the two songs with just the vocals are available in remixrahmansada.com. In the same site, Nokia XpressMusic mixer is also available, which we can use to remix the songs. With XpressMusic mixer it just takes a few seconds to make the remix which makes it restricting, less challenging and more fun. We can also create our own remix and upload it. I created my remix (without using Nokia XpressMusic mixer). I don’t know if my version is at par, but it just feels good to arrange a Rahman’s composition.

You can listen to my remix here.

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deinonychus said...

You should ve tried re-mixing Gumsum from ADA .. that hjas more twist n thus offerin a greater scope....