Ludes of Illayaraja

A quiz on Ludes of Illayaraja. Guess the songs. To make it easier or rather tougher (based on how seriously one follows Illayaraja’s music), all the songs are from movies released on or after year 2001.

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Answers will be posted on 13-09-2008


CRV said...

Suresh, Enna ivlo easy'a kettuteenga?

1. Adhu oru kanakkalam - Kilithattu
2. Cheeni kum - Baatein hawain
3. En mana vanil - Muthu muthu ponnukkoru
4. Kadhal Saathi - Manase manase
5. Kamaraj - Senthamizh naadenum
6. Madhu - Ketkavillaya
7. Pithamagan - Kodi yethi veppom
8. Solla marandha kadhai - Kattule thalayattura
9. Twinkle twinkle little star - Salasalakkum kattril
10. Vishwa thulasi - En maname

Next time, please give us tougher questions with shorter clues :)

Suresh Kumar said...

CRV - Great. Ellamae Correct. Idea of posting this is not just to quiz, but also to give a new experience of listening all ludes from a song as single instrumental piece...

Ramki said...

1. Heard this before. But forgot

2.Bate hawaan - cheeni kum

3. No idea boss.May be ajantha (?)

4. No idea again.Karakattakari ?

5.No idea again. Didn't like it .

6.My favourite , esp the second interlude and the charanam . Ketkavillaya !

7.May be kodi yethi vaipom from Pithamagan

8. Solla Marantha kathai (adi athulla)

9.Twinkle twinkle little star . Forgot the song name.

10.No idea. These kind og flute interludes are so many that i fast forward the minute i hear.

Most of them when individually heared , is superb. Not sure how i missed it out !

Suresh , you made me thnk abt something . Some four years ago , i used to listen a song some 100 times just for a particular interlude . Somehow i was not doing that now .Perhaps the way we listen has changed with the kind of music dished out now . (or) the number of times i have heard raaja after 2001 has come down.

Suresh Kumar said...

Ramki - Answers for 1,2 and 7 are correct. I am glad that this post has raised some questions about our approach to Raaja's music these days. And you are not alone. Even if I were asked to answer such a quiz one month before, I would have got only 1 or 2 right...

raj said...

1. Adhu Oru Kanakkalam - Muthathilae
2. Cheeni Kum – Baatein hawa
4. Kaadhal Saaadhi – manase en manase
5. TTLS may be – I haven’t heard that album so can’t say for sure but if I have to make a wild guess, will make this guess because this lude reminds me of Aalipazham perukkan, which was for children similar to TTLS.
6. This sounds similar to GURU(Malayalam) so maybe Music Messiah? If not, this would be one of Satyan Anthikkad movies – the latter part is clearly a spin-off on Achvinte Amma title
7. Kodi Ethi vaippom – easy one, especially given your pithamagan fixation:-0
8. Vidhu Prathapan – Solla Marandha Kadhai – Kaathula Thalai aattum – that’s the order in which I remembered this song
10. This is a Jayaram movie I think. Melleyonnu Paadinu oru paatu varum….ah yes, Thanga Thingal Vaanil Ozhugum

So, IR-Gold star edhavadhu kidaikkuma? 
I think there is a pattern to these. Apdiye oru Western Ghats-la Sheep and Goat meyura parandha Green fields in the backdrop of mountain thonudhilla for most of them . Exception, Cheeni kum.

raj said...

Suresh, I would have got all 6 I got right even 1 year back. Most of them are my favourites too. Just goes to show what people who talk about IR's demise are missing...

Suresh Kumar said...

Raj - Yes, definitely those who think IR is not as good as before are missing quite a lot.

Well done. Answers for 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8 are correct. And none of the interludes are from Malayalam songs. May be IR used these pieces in some of the Malayalam songs too, which I am not sure. I am yet to explore IR's malayalam soundtracks....

raj said...

oh! 10 is not what I guessed!
I swear that song has almost similar ludes.
I will listen again to 5 & 6. Seem very familiar

Idhula recent releases edhavadhu irukka? I havent listend to Dhanam, Uli osai etc

Suresh Kumar said...

Raj - Answer for your last line,


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy Raja's video