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Vicky tagged me with five questions on ‘Raaja and Me’ and here are my answers

The moment that introduced you to Raaja

I don’t remember exactly. But as far as memory goes, it is while watching the movie ‘Chinna Thambi’. The local cable network use to illegally play newly released movies and on day they played ‘Chinna Thambi’. I instantly got hooked to ‘Thooliyilae Aada vantha vaanaththu min vizhakkae’ from ‘Chinna Thambi’. ‘Chinna thambi’ was one of the most favorite soundtracks during my childhood days.

One moment where Raaja’s music directly/indirectly influenced my life

When I read the actual verses of the poem ‘Nirpadhuvae Nadappadhuvae’ of Bharathiyar after listening Raaja’s musical interpretation of the same.

Other language favorites

Not listened many of his songs in other languages. Ones that instantly comes to mind are

Tamil – Sundari Kannal Oru sethi (Thalapthi)
Telugu – Chirugaali (Mallepuvvu)
Malayalam – Poo kunguma poo (Rasathanthram)
Kannada – Aah Dinagalu Theme music

One rare song of IR that one shouldn’t miss

Yele – Karuvelam Pookal

Currently humming

Raasavae Unnai vidamaattaen (Aranmanai Kili)

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