Jai Ho Rahman

3 Oscar Nominations for A.R.Rahman. Original Score, Jai Ho and O Saya. Pleasantly Surprised. Way to Go Rahman.

Why Rahman deserves it for Slumdog Millionaire Score?


Arun said...

Yesssssss! Hope he wins both :-)

Anonymous said...

Again, Uliyin Osai has been ignored. :-((((((((

Your YAMMA (or is it YUMMY) awards are better than Oscars. I predict that your awards will replace Oscar within 10 years and Ilayaraja and his family members will win all the awards.

S6 said...

First time here, went through your Blog. Good one indeed.
Musical tastes are personal since this a blog about Music i prefer you have more Objectivity.
Uliyin Osai and Varanam ayiram on one pedestal? Sacrilege to the say the least.
I agree Raja is a great Composer and has a Legacy but come on give Harris the Credit for a Very good Album.
After reading your Nandalala and Nan Kadavul reviews i know you are a hardcore Raja Fan.
No problem but treat every Album on its Merit and not on Composers Legacy.
I think you should take a cue from Karthik (i2fs).
The problem with hardcore Raja fans is they hype up even Simple Albums.
To me, NK is a very Ordinary Album if you consider Raja's Legacy.

Amjath said...

hope he gets all ;)

Suresh Kumar said...

S6 - Thanks.

I request you to read this


I have clearly explained how I chose, what I chose.

s6 said...

I read your Criterion. I'd still disagree with you on one aspect when it comes to Awarding music. This doesn't hold good for movies because Movies can interpreted Logically.
Music is an emotion, it's heart stuff and not Mind stuff of rules.
So the winner should be the MD who invoked Maximum stimulations in the heart which of course is Harris.
He could reach out to elite and masses with Varanam Ayiram.
Come on! Raja has definitely given more haunting classical Scores than Uliyin Osai in the past.
OTOH, I'd be happy if you have declared James Vasanthan a winner along with Harris just for the sake of encouragement.
Complimenting Raja for Uliyin Osai is like lauding Tendulkar's 100 ball 50 in Bombay. Let us not lionize trivial achievements.
Yet I am happy to be in a Blog dedicated to Music.

s6 said...

"Let us not lionize trivial achievements."

I wanted to say Trivial Efforts.

Sarathy said...

Hi Mate,How are you doing. In your write up you mentioned that you have seen the moive. I thought the movie premiered yesterday night in Mumbai and is releasing all over India today.Did you watch it while you were Abroad?And by the way where are you now.

I'm planning to watch the movie as well and so I skipped reading the second half ur blog.I'm just curious because of the media allegations that Danny Boyle is selling Indian proverty to the west and depicting India as a third world country.I will make up my mind once I watch the movie.
Whats ur take on this?

And about the music I just view it as a fact that West has woken up to recognize a genius because he happened to be associated with the right man for the right moive at the right time.He deserves a lot,not only for this movie but also for all the unforgettable masterpieces that he has conjured in the Indian films as well.Dont you feel so?

This blog seems dedicated to music.Do you have any other blog in which u write about other things?


Suresh Kumar said...

Hi sarathy - I am fine da. It was released yesterday in Bangalore also. Nope. All this cry over selling poverty just proves one thing that India's biggest problem is hypocrisy. It is move about hope, optimism, winning against all odds. It is a fantasy. Go watch it. Sure you will have a good time.

About the music, you said it right. Rahman needs no awards to prove his genuis. He has already proved enough. Just that these awards are very important for him to make it big in international arena.

And I have only one other blog, backgroundscore.blogspot.com. Again it is about music. I don't have any other blog and I don't write about anything but Music, though I really want to.

Suresh Kumar said...


//So the winner should be the MD who invoked Maximum stimulations in the heart//

That is exactly why I chose 'Uliyin Oosai' also.

And also I awarded not because IR is a great composer and not because 'Uliyin Oosai' is the best soundtrack of IR. I didn't compare it with other classic soundtracks of IR. I compared it only with those that released in 2008 and hence the result.

s6 said...

That's fine, Suresh. It's your Blog so Personal opinion wins the Call unlike for Critics!

Irfan, not Pathan said...

I dont understand s6. Unless Suresh awards to your choice, he is biased? Nice logic. Try hearing VA after a couple of years and see if they tug at your heartstrings.

This after Suresh has laid down his criteria - enna solla, poramainum solla mudiyadhu, Rahman is winning an oscar, blogger awardlam jujubee. Ennathai solla, chinna pulla thanama pesaranga indha s6um anonyum

s6 said...

//Try hearing VA after a couple of years and see if they tug at your heartstrings.//

Romba yosikanthinga Irfan. Suresh is not giving a Lifetime award, it was for the best album for 2008 period. Who cares about Future?
I don't fret for ignoring my choice, if Suresh is interested let him take a Survey :)
Not on this Blog of course. Inga than Uliyin sathathai virumbathavargal Chinna pullaigala niragarikka padukirarkal.