YMMA 2008 Goes To

After so much contemplation and about how to pick the winners, here is presenting the YMMA 2008

Nominees in Best Soundtrack and Composer Category are

Uliyin Oosai - Illayaraja
Vaaranam Aayiram – Harris Jeyaraj
Subramaniyapuram – James Vasanthan
Poo – S.S.Kumaran
Chakravyuham – Karthik Raja

And YMMA for Best Soundtrack and Composer goes to

.::$ Uliyin Oosai – Illayaraja AND Vaaranam Aayiram – Harris Jeyaraj $::.

Nominees in Best Singer (Male) Category are

Sriram Parthasarathy (Aganthayil Aaduvatha - Uliyin Oosai)
Shankar Mahadevan (Kaadhal Siluvayil - Subramaniyapuram)
Hariharan (Venmegam – Yaaradi Nee Mohini)
Haricharan (Kannil Vandhadhum - Vazhthukkal)
Naresh Iyer (Uyirilae – Vellithirai)
Tippu (Solladi – Kaadhalil Vizhunthaen)

And YMMA for Best Singer (Male) goes to

.::$ Sriram Parthasarathy (Aganthayil Aaduvathaa – Uliyin Oosai) $::.

Nominees in Best Singer (Female) Category are

Sudha Ragunathan (Anal Mele – Vaaranam Aayiram)
Sainthavi (Yen Unnidam – Chakra Vyuham)
Chinmayi (Aavaram Poo – Poo)
Kalyani (Mazhai Nindra Pinbum – Raaman Thedia Seethai)
Sadhana Sargam (Mukunda – Dasavathaaram)
Shreya Ghosal (Aavaram Poovukkum - Arai En 305il Kadavul)

And YMMA for Best Singer (Female) goes to

.::$ Chinmayi (Aavaram Poo – Poo) $::.

Nominees in Best Background Score Category are

Uliyin Oosai - Illayaraja
Subramaniyapuram – James Vasanthan
Saroja – Yuvan Shankar Raja
Anjathey – Sundar C.Babu

And YMMA for Best Background Score goes to

.::$ Sundar C.Babu (Anjathey) $::.

Nominees in Best Lyrics Category are

Na.Muthukumar (Aavaram Poo - Poo)
Thamarai (Vaaranam Aayiram)
Vaali (Kallai Mattum Kandaal, Mukunda – Dasavathaaram)
Mu.Metha (Pulargindra Pozhudhu – Uliyin Oosai)
Yugabharathi (Kandaen Kandaen – Pirivom Santhipom)

And YMMA for Best Lyrics goes to

.::$ Thamarai (Vaaranam Aaayiram) $::.


Vinith said...

Sometimes, we do think alike :)

I had plans to post VoV awards for 2008.. In fact I started preparing the list, but left it in the middle due to time constraint :( Couldn't complete it..

Not only the idea, even the list looks similar :)

Correct judgement... clap..
I wish to give my opinion in two categories!

1. Best singer Female - Chimayi is a good choice, but you could also included Kalyani for RTS song. What a voice!!!! I would have either given to both of them or would have chosen Kalyani.
2. Male singer - Sriram Parthasarathy is again a great choice. I would have included "And" and brought Shankar Mahadevan in!!!

But, your list is truly good!!!

Keep up the good work!!!

Filbert said...

Good selections overall, Suresh.

Only thing I would have picked differently is for the background score - I loved James Vasathan's score in Subramaniyapuram.

BTW, are you planning to post a Best of 2008 playlist? That would make for a nice playlist to be added to anyone's iPod.

Happy new year, Suresh!!

Suresh Kumar said...

Vinith - Thanks. I thought a lot before deciding between Chinmayi and Kalyani, somehow i fell for Chinmayi's emotions.

And yes, as I said before all of them deserve to be winners, but just that at this point of time, I feel Sriram's singing in UO is better than Shankar Mahadevan's in subramaniyapuram....

Suresh Kumar said...

Filbert - Thanks. Yes I am planning to post Favourite 50 songs of 2008... may post sometime this week...

Vinith said...

Aah Suresh!!!
50 Songs????

2007 was a better musical year IMO. Had so many good albums!!! You selected only 25 songs :) :)
2008 was comparatively a boring year on music front!!! Planning to choose 50 songs??? :shock:

Great!!! Looking forward!!! :-)

Suresh Kumar said...

Not the best 50 songs. Just going to pick top 50 songs that played most on my playlists and ipod.....

Vinith said...


This is the album, which made me keep it in loop in my playlist after Katradhu Tamil.
Believe me, I did not listen to any other song since saturday. Listening only to Nan Kadavul!