Live Film Music Concerts

A live music concert is meant for the listeners to experience a piece of music by watching the synergy of the musicians play and singers sing in absolute concentration and dedication to reach a point of divinity through music. A good live performance is one in which the performers are able to take the audience along to that divine point and liberate them into a Nirvana. What a true music lover would want in a concert is so simple, music in its purest form. No laser lights, no background dancers, no anchors, no gimmicks, all we want is music, just music. Though the technicalities or theories of music are tough for someone to master to be able to create, it is fairly simple to enjoy music. Is today’s film music suitable for such live music concerts?

Rarely songs have a live orchestration these days. As the song itself is not being recorded in one take with a live orchestra, the compositions now have become difficult for singers to perform live convincingly. With lot of overdubbing, same voice singing in multiple layers, robotized voices, artificial loops and sounds in songs these days, it is impossible to bring the same effect as we hear in the record on stage. I don’t demean the songs without live orchestration but just that they are not meant for live performances. Music was primarily a performing art and with such film songs where anything and everything goes, it no more is.

But inspite of all this irreproducible orchestration, a singer can make listening to the song a miraculous experience just by singing the song right - Right in diction, right in expression, right in musicality. With almost every such film music concerts happening with minus one tracks and instrumentalist pretending to be playing something, we totally have to rely on a singer who can faithfully reproduce the original composition as it is, with or without improvisations.

These days’ new singers find it easy in the recording studio as there are far too many technologies to cover their mistakes but when it comes to live concerts they fail miserably. Poor breath control, going off-pitch, forgetting the lyrics and insanity in the name of improvising is common these days. The singers who come to sing in talent hunt shows are far better. As that is a platform for proving their caliber, they try hard and make no mistakes. But once they become singers, they don’t have to prove anyone and perform with less concentration and seriousness.

Here are few of the best live music concerts I relish watching


Aakarsh said...

Thats Ilaiyaraaja-Precision.

Absolutely accurate. Perfect.

R Sathyamurthy said...

I have a strong doubt that these days live concerts are not live concerts but actually CD played in the background while the singers come to the mike just acting as singing.

The live performance has original music so well reproduced that makes me doubt these performances.

It is only certain unplugged songs (by true performers like SPB) that you will see actually being performed live. Rest is all pure bullshit and cheating.

I remember one such instance in which Gangei Amaran did a show for a TV and later on there was some misunderstanding between him and KJ Yesudoss on the Amma Endru Azhaikkada song part of that program. KJ cribbed about GA's certain actions during the program and GA expressed surprise about KJ's cribbing since the whole program was a CD playing in the background with artistes just giving lip sync.

So much for live concerts.

Suresh Kumar said...

Sathyamurthy - I hope it is not as bad as you put it, but it does seem so...

R Sathyamurthy said...


You will find it in due course.

Emjay said...

Well said Suresh.

During the same Chennai Live Concert of Raaja, I found that Hariharan and Shreya were sounding terrible (IMO) during the song Kajuraho... I couldn't believe that with Hariharan!!So, I gave benefit of doubt to acoustics.. and here is SPB who proved me wrong..

I found Manjari, SPB, Sukwinder Singh faring well during live concerts.