Pokkisham Soundtrack

Cheran’s filmography can be easily seen as pre-Autograph and post-Autograph. Post Autograph, whatever he does, whether it is good or bad, there is a certain amount of earnestness, sincerity and passion in it which I like very much. He is now concentrating on every technical aspect of film making like cinematography, casting, and production design to elevate the core emotional impact of his narrative. The one department which indeed got great amount of Cheran’s attention is music, which was there even before Autograph, but in those movies songs were mere fillers but now Cheran treats the songs as a part of the narrative through which he tries to cover an episode of his screenplay.

Cheran gets closer the scripts demands as in 'Pokkisham', there is bangla song interpersed with Tamil lyrics as the male protagonist lives in Calcutta. The female Protagonist Nadira, who is a student of Tamil literature addresses her lover as ‘Seyyul’, ‘Ilakkanam’, ‘Thirukkul’, ‘Natrinai’ (thank god for these lines being sung by a Tamil singer). There are 4 songs that fill the soundtrack using the same melody like a motif expressing the thoughts and emotions of the protagonist in the journey of his life throughout the movie.

Perfectly blending with Cheran’s vision is the composer duo Sabesh-Murali, who with Pokkisham soundtrack proved yet again that with a good amount of push from the director they can come up with songs that would make up a good movie soundtrack (not essentially a hit music album). Lyricist Yuga Bharathi has worked hard to translate chapters of the story into poetry and he has succeeded to a great extent.

The only problem in the soundtrack is the slow songs that are meant to be emotional, sad and make people cry. They are not punchy enough. Just by stretching end note of each and every phrase, a melody cannot evoke sadness. These songs sound more sentimental than sensitive or emotional.

Yet, Pokkisham definitely is a good movie soundtrack, which would appeal better after watching the movie. If the movie is good, people will definitely go back home and put this CD on to relive those moments as they did with Autograph and Thavamai Thavmirundhu.


Muthuvel said...

I too thought the songs were too 'Cheran'ish. And that's the main factor why the soundtrack didn't work all that well for me. Had lot of Deja Vu moments of Cheran's earlier movies. It appeared to me that composer duo had far less breathing space here and had to follow Cheran's instructions closely or something.

Yes, I agree that's how a soundtrack should actually be, but still this soundtrack stands at a distance from me. That also may have to do with the fact I don't know what's the movie's theme.

As you have said, the songs should fit better in the contexts they have been made for. Hope the movie is not another 'Maayakannadi'.

Vinith said...

Listened Muthirai?
I loved the album.
This time only one song killed by non tamil singers. Rest of which, the album is good with Yuvan's trademark hiphop sounds.

Suresh Kumar said...

Vinith - good to know that only one song is killed by yuvan's choice of singers... will listen to it... tamil albums i am currently listening to are Vaamanan, Modhi vilyadu and latest Azagha malai

Vinith said...


It is a big relief for me that Yuvan has used good singers.

Well, about Azhagar Malai - I'm sure you would write a detailed review. Songs took me back to 80s, 90s in first listen itself. I'm yet to give a thorough listen to these songs. Karuga Mani - Vintage IR'nu sonna adhu migai aagadhu. Spell bounding.

Sridhar said...


I hope you will write soon about hariharan's ' Modhi Vilayadu' music. I had great expectations about Hariharan's music ability and was deeply disappointed after hearing them. I felt Deva's music is much better

Suresh Kumar said...

Sridhar - I will. Modhi vilayadu music isn't so bad... But i liked it as I had no big expectations... We should consider that it is film music and the director of the movie has the final say...