Pasanga Movie

Do yourself a favour, Go, Watch Pasanga NOW. The wholesome Entertainer of the Year.


Dot said...

I did and yes, it's a must watch movie :)

Muthuvel said...

This is getting a lot of good words, should watch it soon.

BTW, offtopic: Suresh, did u by any chance watch this year's Oscar winner for 'Best Animated Short'. If not better watch it.

La Maison en Petits Cubes - a Japanese animated short that runs just for 12 mins. The quality of animation as such is definitely sub-par when compared to today's standards, but what makes it stand apart is the theme, the way it has been told in such a short time, and above all the Background score. There are no dialogues at all in the whole of the film, so it relies heavily on the score and I thought it was brilliantly done.

Am not sure there are any legal ways of watching it, but it could be downloaded from torrents. Or should be available in youtube. any means do watch it.

Suresh Kumar said...

Muthuvel - Thanks for that suggestion, i will try to catch it soon..And do watch Pasanga in Theatre

Muthuvel said...

Ya, theatre... :) Sure

We use torrents only to catch those movies that are not accessible in this part of the world thru legal means.

EnvyRam said...

Just thought it would be some kids movie. But was a pleasant surprise. It rocked. Might watch it second time!


sFunn.com said...

guess will hafta watch pasanga.

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