Oru Kallooriyin Kathai Music Review

Yuvan Shankar Raja the music maker of the season combines with a lyricist Na.Muthu Kumar, who reserves his best for him in “Oru Kallooriyin Kathai”. I had some expectations but the album doesn’t meet it. It is yet another average effort from Yuvan though it has got some pleasant melodies. The problem is the sounds-like feel of the songs. The album has got 3 melodies and 3 so-so rhythm numbers.

Kangal Kalandhida is a good melody with a fast rhythm. Though the rhythm fits the song well, it would sound more soulful if not as fast as it is and also the beats are damn usual. The song talks about the feelings of a group of college friends returning back to their college life. Muthu Kumar over takes Yuvan’s music by his meaningful lyrics. After a couple of listening you will concentrate more on the lyrics and its meaning than the music. Muthu again (first one being “Ninaithu” from 7GRBC) excels in word play by writing two different yet same set of lyrics for same tune matching the situation in the movie. There are actually two versions of the song and a third one being the second version of the second version of the song. Among the singers I felt Karthik’s singing better. The interludes are different for two versions and sound good. I think one will enjoy the song more and appreciate the lyrics if you know the story of the movie (actually I know it).

Kadhal Enbadhu is a sequel to “Ye Nenje” song from April Mathathil. The beats and the rhythm are exactly the same. Piano pieces sprinkled throughout are good. Harish does a fine job as always but I felt Chinmayi was not really interested in this song especially I didn’t like the way she sings in a different pitch at the end. Somehow such sudden variation in pitches doesn’t fit the mood of this kind of songs well. Yuvan goes for voice doubling effect but it leaves no impact. Though the song as a whole is not perfect, the melody is definitely good.

Unakku Endru Oruthi is my pick of the album. The melody, flow, and chorus truly sound the feelings of a man meeting his dream girl for the first time. The lyrics are again top notch. Unfortunately the best track of the album runs for les than 1 minute. Yuvan has done many songs (“Ithu yenna maatram”, “Chedi ondru mulaikkudhey”) for the same situation before but this stands out as the best in my opinion.

I have nothing much to write about rest of the songs except for two words “Just Skip”.

P.S: Comparitively I like "Thotti Jaya" album more.


Arjuna_Speaks said...

Suresh - well said. I have blogged roll you - do check my blogs - and I am a fellow NITT-an as well ;)


nattamai, India said...

hey Suresh,

Thanks for your revu.

Well, I found this album better than Arinthum Ariyamalum. Especially Na.Muthukumar's lines are very good. And finally I think tastes differ, I like this album a lot. I hope this album will be a hit!

Arjuna_Speaks said...

nattami - keep hoping ;)