It is Confirmed

A.R.Rahman will be the composer of Sivaji. Read it here

Let us hope that this is not yet another rumour. Shankar - Rajini - A.R.Rahman sounds interesting. The reason that sify gives is quite convincing, though we have no proof of Shankar meeting A.R.Rahman in Australia.

Also, this is What Sujatha said about Sivaji in a magazine called "Ambalam"

Sujatha is also involved in scripting for Sivaji. The first draft of the script is completed. Shankar has joined A.R.Rahman to Australia to compose the songs. Nothing else about the movie is finalised. It will done only after the complete script is ready.

Then I wonder what A.R.Rahman will compose and what Shankar will ask for even without any bound script.


mysorean said...

AR Rahman + Rajni + Shankar is a combination that cannot fail. If they do, then the Tamil Film Industry will take a lot of time to recover from the shock that it generates!

AR Rahman + Shankar have always delivered! It remains to be seen if adding Rajini helps!

Narayanan Venkitu said...


If there are a lot of expectations..results might not look convincing.!! Results might be skewed.

After BABA, noone expected Chandramukhi to be a super..super hit...!! So, when it proved to be one...It was great.. But think about BABA after padayappa.!! and you know the rest !

Bottomline - The combo looks real good and let's hope for the best..As a music fan, I would like good tunes and I would like Rahman to return to his glory days ( I think he has lost his glitter a little bit these days...pardon me).

Sanjeevi Kumar S said...

Still there is no official announcement.

Anonymous said...

Its official. AVM Saravanan told during the interview to SS Music. He is the icon of the month in SS Music Channel.