Paheli For Oscars !!!!!!!!!!

After some very bad choices for national awards for Films, here follows yet another choice that surprise the entire indian film industry. Paheli which was unanimously rejected by both critics and masses has been selected as India's official entry for Oscars. Though i feel there are no any real contenders with Oscar potential this year, Paheli is a pathetic choice. Though we know no indian movie is going to make this year in Oscars, atleast we should exhibit right movies to the global audience to make them aware what really Indian movies are. Probably that is the reason the jury has selected this movie which talks about long forgotten (believing in the cover stories in the previous edition of India Today and Outlook) culture, tradition of India with colourful song sequences mixed with fantasy. Among Black, Iqbal, Mangal Pandey, Page 3, black is my choice. What aobut you?

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