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Telugu film industry is known for racy masala entertainers. Rarely offbeat movies are made. None of the Telugu films got the “Best Regional film” national award in one of the past years. The jury said that there were no deserving movies made in Telugu in that year. Such is/was the condition of Telugu film industry that is the next to bollywood in Indian cinema in terms of revenue and also no of movies made. I haven’t seen and liked many of Telugu movies in recent past except for “Andhapuram” directed by Krishnavamsi. And here is another movie, which I saw recently which took me by storm by its freshness in every aspect. The movie is Anand directed by national award winner Sekar Kammula.

Anand has got one of the most appropriate tag lines that go like “Manchi coffee lanti cinema” which means “a movie like a nice refreshing coffee”. We drink coffee everyday, the content is always the same but yet we feel refreshing to have it in the morning. Similarly, though the content of the movie is what we have seen many a times before, it is told in a refreshing way.

Plot in brief. Roopa (Kamilinee Mukherjee) is an independent girl. She loses her family in an accident at a very young age. She gets engaged to Rahul, her boss. But after knowing about her Hitler like future mother-in-law and unsupportive Rahul in a small problem on the day of marriage, she decides to stop the marriage. Meanwhile, Anand (Raja) who is son of one of the richest corporate in AP decides to stay as neighborhood of Roopa to win her heart and then marry her. Why Anand chooses her, and whether they get united is what this movie is all about.

As the title implies, the movie captures the happy moments of Roopa’s life. Roopa’s characterization is done with care. She lives alone with the help of her neighbors and friends. But she is as normal as any other girl of her age with all little desires and expectation without any self-sympathy for her situation and on the whole doesn’t behave like an ideal woman as we see in most of K. Balachander movies. Even all the other characters are true to life. Say, the character of Anita (best friend of Roopa) she is so real. The director has used the kids well (like Maniratnam). They make most part of the movie very lively. They add more charm and fun. For those who watch Tamil movies, this movie is similar to Azhaghiya Theeyae in its freshness and by the feel a viewer gets while watching the movie. A little smile will embrace your face for the entire 2.5 hours.

The dialogues are natural and filled with humor. The screenplay (positively) narrates the story straightly without any twists and turns. But the movie didn’t drag at any point. The best thing about the movie is that the director has stuck to reality within the commercial format. They become friends initially and eventually fall in love after knowing each other well. It is not a love at first sight as we see in all other movies. It is fun to watch them fight for silly problems in second half.

All the actors have performed well. Kamilinee Mukherjee is apt for the role of Roopa. It is hard to believe that she is a Bengali girl. I found no err with her lip movements in Telugu. She has got expressive eyes. Even before watching this movie, she impressed me with her performance in “Phir Milenge” as Shilpa’s sister. Raja also does a convincing job. All others, especially the kids have done well.

Music is another big asset for the film. Most of the songs are shot as montages and gels well with the movie. I feel montage making is an art in itself. Sekar does a fine job in the song picturisation too. But he could have avoided routine dance numbers. K.M. Radhakrishan has given beautiful carnatic based melodies. “Nuvvena” and “Yamunatheeram” songs still lingers. The background score is also done pretty well in synch with the mood of the film. Most of the time, the music enhances the pleasant mood of the scene.

I felt the Roopa’s house set could have been done much better. It was too artificial and gave a dramatic look to the movie as most part of the movie happens here. Anyway, the director wanted it that way because most of the time, he takes help from the setting of the house to take the story further.

Try out this freshly brewed coffee. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

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Ram said...

a very refreshing film indeed.. i have been noticing that among the usual 'Gulti' masala fare, you do get a couple of different films a year.. try watching 'aithe' and also 'okkadu' ('ghilli's original)..

coming back to 'Anand', its a tad too long.. could have been crisply edited.. that apart, its like really a wiff of fresh air..