Thavamai Thavamirundhu Music Review

There are some factors I consider before buying movie soundtracks. One of the most important factors apart from the composer is the director of the movie. A director of the movie should definitely have a good ear to music otherwise he can’t extract the best even from the greatest of the composers. I would blindly buy the soundtrack of the movie if it is directed by people like Maniratnam, Balumahendra, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Subash Ghai, Vasanth, K.Vishwanath, Bharathiraja etc., no matter who the composer is. They really extract the best. After listening to the album Thavamai Thavamirundhu, I think I can append Cheran’s name in that list. Before getting into reviewing the album, let me recollect some of the ever green songs from Cheran’s movies and about Cheran’s collaboration with various composers.

Deva has worked with Cheran for “Bharathi Kannamma”, “Vetri Kodikattu” and “Porkaalam”. Among these films I could remember only “Thanjavoor Mannu eduthu” and “Karuvelam Kaatukullae” songs from “Porkaalam”. All the songs in this movie were a hit then but these are the two that still lingers. Cheran – Illayaraja combo worked for “Desiay Geetham”. Though the main reason for going to Illayaraja is for background score, IR did deliver a good melody in “Vakkapattu poga pora” song and the orchestration was great in “En kanavinai kelamma” song. But obviously Cheran can’t take credit for any of these songs as we know the working style of IR. And the Cheran – Baradwaj combination in both “Pandavar Bhoomi” and “Autograph” seems to be the most successful of all. “Avaravar Vazhkayil” and most of the songs in “Autograph” turned to be immortal. Cheran also gives lot of importance to meaningful lyrics by which the life of these songs is stretched. Finally now, Cheran has gone to the most unlikely composers, Sabesh – Murali (Assistants of Deva).

Sabesh – Murali did the background score for “Autograph”. They did a pretty good job in that movie. I think that gave the confidence to Cheran that these guys can deliver when given an opportunity.

The album works mainly because of the following factors

1) Freshness in melody
2) All being situational tracks, lyrics are meaningful
3) Orchestration with just enough instruments
4) Catchy tunes and rhythms
5) Variety of songs and moods.

It has got totally 7 songs.

Ore Oru Oorukkullae

This song is the equivalent of “Nyabagam varuthey” from Autograph in its meaning. In this song, a father sings about his childhood days to his son. The earthy flute piece and the folk rhythm along with Sabesh’s rustic vocals provide perfect nativity sound to the song. Sabesh has a better voice than Deva. As this song has more emphasis on expression than rendition, Sabesh fits in well. Snehan’s lyrics are earthy with less word play. Jaykumar performs a street drama in between. I think the song will appeal more with the visuals. The song has got an easy tune which will sit in our mind on very first listening.

Unnai Charanadainthenm

If I would have heard this number without knowing the composer and the movie, I would have definitely thought it as an A.R.Rahman composition. Everything in the song from the melody, rhythm, and free flowing bass in the background, guitar and piano pieces are Rahmanish. It is a beautiful romantic number all the way. The new singers Kalyani and Pranna have done a great job in this song.

Oru Muraithaan

It is a slow, sober, situational number. This song sounds like “Ninaivugal” song from Autograph which may be because of the rendition Unni menon. The beautiful prelude promises a lot, but the vocal tune is not so great, yet the song soothes with its beautiful orchestration. The soothing mild flute in the background enhances the sober mood of the song. Unni menon is expressive enough. Lyric by Thenmozhi gels well with the mood and the situation of the song.

Enna parkirai

How it would be if a whole song is sung in a way Shalini spells the ending words in “Kiru Kiru” song from Kathal? This song is the answer. It is a sensuous number with all right ingredients. Cheran’s lyrics are good. For a change mirchi Suchitra sings a melody and she has done full justice to the song and so is Yugendran. The song starts like a dialogue and slowly gets into a melody and rhythm. The ending with vocals going high with a grand orchestra is just perfect for the mood of the song. There are actually two themes in this song apart from the main tune, one played in flute and other in piano. Both sounds great and are put to use at right places. Beautiful Flute piece is similar to that of “Yaro yaravan” song from “Alaudin” movie.


It is an emotional folk number. Though I didn’t understand meaning of many words in this song, I got a rough idea about what they are trying to say. This is a song of meaningful lyrics and emotions than music. Yet the percussions at the end have a great impact. The singer Jayakumar has done a great job in expressive singing. I am eagerly waiting to watch this song on the screen.

Theme Music

We have heard similar song done by Deva in the movie “Aha” and also M.S.Viswanathan did a duet song with just hummings and lalala’s without any lyrics in “Ninaithalae innikum”. This song is full of classical swaras and jathis. I don’t know whom to give the credit for this song, singers or the composer. Madhubalakrisha, Sarath and Sudha Raghunathan have done a brilliant job in the song. The fast streaming swaras along with catchy beats make a stunning fusion. Also the song is well programmed.

Avaram poovae

Sabesh-Murali has tried to make a song like “Thenpaadi Seemayilae”. Though they haven’t really touched us emotionally with this song, it is a nice composition. It will definitely gel well with the movie. The vibraphone theme is beautiful. Madhubalakrishna is at his emotive best in this song.

Sabesh – Murali has tried hard to meet the class of Illayaraja in folk rhythms and melodies and that of A.R.Rahman in romantic numbers. Though they didn’t reach that level of class, they have succeeded in getting somewhat close to it. This is the second (first one being “Kanda Naal Muthal”) album in this year, in which I love all the songs equally.


Kaps said...

I haven't heard the songs yet. Sabesh - Murali also happen to be brothers of Deva.

Suresh Kumar said...

Hi kaps,

I know that they are brothers. Also do listen to the songs. They are really good.

Anonymous said...

eXcellent review suresh! keep them coming ;)

Sankarkumar said...

You have brought out the true essence of the album in your write-up! Great! Both the album and your w/u!!!

Filbert said...

This is the second (first one being “Kanda Naal Muthal”) album in this year, in which I love all the songs equally.

What about Raam, Suresh? IMO, Raam is the best album of the year, with both songs & background score standing out. I just read your take on the Raam album in Mouthshut and you seem to be agreeing too :)

Suresh Kumar said...

sankarkumar: thanx for ur comments

filbert: sorry, i forgot Raam. It was also a good album. I should put it as "albums in recent past in which i like all the songs equally"

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very nice review. Not sure how I missed it...But its better late than never..!! isn't it ?

I was impressed with Sabesh-Murali in one of their earlier movies..forgot the title.!

I'll listen to these songs tonight.! and let you know.