Thalapathi - The King

Yesterday I watched Thalapathi in DVD. Thalapathi is definitely a bible for Indian directors (especially for Shankar now) those who think of using an actor in a star without compromising his image or star status in their movie. In this movie, there is no big logical reason for Surya and Deva to form such a close bondage except for the fact that Deva saved Surya from life-long imprisonment. Also there is no convincing reason or even enough scenes for Subbu to fall in love with Surya. But yet in spite of all these major loop holes, Maniratnam was able to narrate a gripping tale and make the audience to empathize with the characters. This is for what I admire Maniratnam the most. His screenplay knows mass mesmerism. The highlights of the movie are perfect casting, cinematography, performances and above all background score and music by Illayaraja. I can write a long post on background score alone. For me this is the most captivating performance of Rajinikanth after Netri Kann where in which you really like and enjoy the character he plays more than his screen presence. Well, lets not get into the debate between Thalapathi and Guna. True, Guna is a masterpiece but Thalapathi will ever remain as king of commercial entertainers.


Zero said...

nice pics there (including the trademark shot juxtaposing Surya right in front of twilight sunlight)!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Though I am a big Kamal fan, I liked Thalapathi a lot better than Gunaa.!

The cast, the story telling ( though it was a lift of Mahabharatha) and the tech. aspects were superb.

Songs were fantastic.!!

I loved Mamooty's acting.! and Rajini's too..in bits..example

The place where he says 'Deva saagaadhe...Deva..saagaadhe..!' and as usual thrilling fights.!

Great movie.!

Suresh Kumar said...

Zero: got that from google images

narayan_venkitu: yes some of them do like thalapathi than Guna because of the level of wholesome entertainment it delivers