Shrek, F 9/11

It is one of the most commercially successful documentaries ever. Collected around $119 in US Box office. It also won the best film award in Cannes Film festival that is usually given to a feature film. Well, it is not a documentary actually though has got some real life clippings. The way Moore shows the ‘9/11’ incident itself is laudable. You just hear the sound of flights dashing on the wall of WTC and the following clips shows just the people running, screaming and praying for the people falling from the skyscraper building in the fog of dust. You don’t get to watch the actual incident yet he is able to moist everyone’s eyes. Also the way he has used the 7-minute clip of Bush sitting idle after being informed about the incident is funny and acts as a thread to all branching episodes of Bush’s link with Saudis, Talibans and various companies in which Bush’s relatives are a part of. The clippings from Iraq war, interviews with civilians and army people are the most moving parts of the documentary. The Lila Lipscomb part was little dramatic though. Though on the whole, the documentary is one sided, one cannot forgive Bush for what he did to Iraq in the name of War president. Wonder, people elected Bush even after success of this movie.

I haven’t seen many full-length animated movies before “Shrek” except for “The Incredibles” and “Ants”. I was not an ardent fan of cartoons in childhood days except for Popeye- the sailor show. Though I have heard a lot about this movie, I was little hesitant to watch it. One day I saw a movie called “Ants”. I really liked it and later came to know that the same team who did “Ants” has created “Shrek”. I went ahead to watch it this weekend and now I know the reason for its massive success. First of all, it had a solid story to tell that appeals to both kids and adults. Obviously, the greatness of the movie lies in the fact that they have tried to get human like expressions in all creatures/ characters as perfectly as possible, especially that of Shrek is well done. The donkey character has got good one-liners. The other highlight of the movie is the background score and the catchy songs placed at right places. I like the Fiona theme very much. Going to watch Shrek-2. Heard that it is funnier than Shrek. Performance of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy (Donkey), and Cameroon Diaz gives life to animated creatures.

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Zero said...

Wonder, people elected Bush even after success of this movie.
Because the movie was a quite a huge success outside the U.S. (and I might be wrong; but thats what I perceive).