One Night @ Call Center

It is only after reading the prologue of this book, I chose “five point someone” to read. But “One night @ Call Center” is highly disappointing. Though it has got all that is positive in FPS, it didn’t work well this time. First of all, the plot has nothing to do with the call center people. The problems that these people face are common to every other youngster in India. This book is just a long chat of six friends working in a call center. Except for Shyam and Vroom, no character is complete. Everyone discussing about everyone else’s problem and thankfully everyone (to stretch the book) has got some problems. The book drags a lot at many places. Especially I didn’t like “my date with priyanka” diversion. It is another trick Chetan has played to stretch the book further. It serves no purpose to the main storyline. The happenings in those 8 hours are too unrealistic and unconvincing. It was written like a screenplay for a movie. There are lots of cinematic moments in the movie, sorry the book. Though there is a trade mark Chetan humor in conversations, it doesn’t serve to keep up the interest. The most interesting thing about the prologue was the call from the God but when we come to know what it is all about, we get cheated. One of the six members is there just for giving a logical reason to that “Call from God” thing. Chetan has got stuck in between fantasy and realistic fiction. Though he has something useful to say at the end by that call from God, it is not convincing enough to drive the point home. Better book next time Chetan.


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