King Kong - Raaja Korangu

If you find my translation of the movie title in Tamil is pathetic, then so is the Tamil dialogues in the Tamil version of "King Kong". I have seen both versions. To an extent, it is understandable if the dialogue writer changes the meaning of the original to match with the lip movements but what the writers have done in King Kong cannot be excused.

In the final scene after the King Kong falls down, one of them in the crowd will say "The airplanes killed the beast" and Carl will say " It is not the planes but the beauty killed the beast". The beautiful one liner at the end of the movie goes dumb in its tamil translation.

This is how our guys have written it.

The guy in the crowd says, "Cityoda nimmadhiyayae ithu keduthiduchu"("It has disturbed the peace in the city").

Carl will say," Athu theevula nimmathiya irundhadhu, naan than athoda nimmathiya keduthutaen"("It lived peacefully in the island, it is me who disturbed it peace by bringing it here").

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