Other Side of Me - Sidney Sheldon

Have heard a lot about Sidney Sheldon but never read his works. I was eagerly waiting to buy his next release. Then accidentally saw this book Other Side of Me in a bookstore and without even reading the synopsis on the back cover of the book, I bought the book thinking that it is an entertaining thriller like most of his previous works.

I was little disappointed initially to know that it is not a novel but just his autobiography. After knowing the content of the book, thought that immediately flashed my mind was when a writer runs out of ideas, the next best thing he would do is write his own biography (as I was aware that Sidney’s last book was not at par). But Sidney’s narration and its pace changed my opinion on the book.

As Sidney author himself quotes, life is a novel with suspense. You never know what would happen before turning the next page. Though this book is an autobiography, it takes us in a roller coaster journey through the life of Sidney Sheldon that is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, adventure, suspense, thrills and surprises. You never know what will happen next.

Never knew that an autobiography can be written in such an entertaining way. It is because Sidney seems to know what and what not to write rather than how and how not to write to make the book entertaining. He just skips all unnecessary episodes of his life. As we all know, the highlights of a test match with are more entraining than the match itself. Sidney has opted to just register highlights of his life but without loosing the thrill that is attached to the last ten overs of a one-day match.

I wonder how these writers remember all that happened in their life half a century before. Or may they would have maintained a diary, which helps them while writing the book. I admire Sidney a lot for his diverse talents, determination, self-confidence, optimism and hard work. It is rather surprising to know how fate changed his name. In every turn of a page, I was eager to know what made him to go for writing a novel. Of course, it is disclosed almost at the end of the novel and you have just 10 pages to turn after he becomes a novel writer.

The book mostly concentrates on his public life than the personal life after few initial episodes. Yet, death of his second daughter and its consequences are emotionally moving parts of the novel. My only concern about the book is that, it could have had more novel writing experiences of Sidney. Also there are too many names and personalities (of course it is necessary as Sidney had been in show business for most part of his life), one who know Hollywood in early 20th century would better enjoy the novel than others.

Now i will start to read Sheldon's work starting from "The Naked Face"...

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