Rang De Basanti Music Releases

The year 2005 has been great for A.R.Rahman and his also his hardcore fans. Though his albums were not selling like hot cakes as any other run-of-mill stuffs do in bollywood music, A.R.Rahman was able to open up new horizons in music with each and every album. The albums that got released this year are Bose: The Forgotten Hero, Mangal Pandey, Kisna and Aa Aah (Tamil). All the albums are critically accalimed but failed commercially except the Tamil one. Water and Rang De Basanti are yet to be released. Water is expected to release on December 13. But the happy news here is that "Rang De Basanti" album release date is comfirmed. It is on 11 December. If both these albums are going to be released in the same week. A.R.Rahman fans or even any good music lover are in for a great treat. I wish at least this time, Rahman's work get noticed by even common people and the album should become commercially successful.


Filbert said...

I am not sure how the Ah Aah album can be called a 'critically acclaimed' album. It was one of Rahman's mediocre efforts in recent years.

Sushma said...

I wouldn't call it critically acclaimed, but I wouldn't call it 'mediocre' either. You have to listen to all the songs more than a couple of times to really appreciate it. Oh! Well! But that's the case with most of ARR's music. I've yet to discern why ARR does music for SJ Suryah. Maybe the presentation of the songs were below what you term mediocre. But the music in itself was pretty darn good.

Suresh Kumar said...

filbert: i to agree with you that it wasn't critically acclaimed. There is a mistake in sentence formation. The 'except tamil one" is for both critical accliam and commercial success. and as Sushma said, it is not a mediocre effort.

sushma: thanx for pouring your thoughts here. I agree with you, the music was good, but the picturisation spoiled the impact.

Sushma said...

That's the best part. I've never actually seen the videos of the songs (or the movie) and am pretty sure I'll never watch them (or it). That could be why I appreciate the music more than those who've already viewed them? I know of several beautiful songs that have been killed by bad videos. 'Ever loved a woman...' by Bryan Adams was one of them. Sorry for taking up so much of your blog space :D

Filbert said...

I kinda thought that would have been the case. And on my part, I should not have probably used the word 'mediocre'. But then considering the fact that this was ARR's first Tamil release in close to 1.5 years, one is entitled to expect atleast decent stuff. BTW, how are RDB's songs? Have you listened to them yet?

Sushma said...

I've heard a couple of the songs from trailers. So far they've only been snatches. The title song has been sung by Daler Mehndi and sounds youthful and fun. The other song that I've heard is called Paathshaala and sounded youngish too. It's hard to really say if they sound good or not right now as they're just a minute or so clips. I'm reserving judgment until I can hear the songs more than a few times ;) Have you heard the songs Suresh?

Suresh Kumar said...

Sushma: don't mention. actually i am expecting such discussions to happen here in my blog. I do agree with you about videos spoiling the music.

filbert: I also heard only the clips in the trailer, i believe that it will be a refreshing music. I have already have posted on it as Rand De Basanti preview in this blog

rishabh said...

I think RDB is the kind of music that takes time to grow on you. Although some people may or may not like it the first time they listen to it, it may get into the minds of some music lovers and will haunt them in the short run...time will tell

p.S Love the piano in Paathshaala

saras said...

7. Mayilirage - Ah Aah FAME NARESH IYER
Since you enjoy naresh iyers song, this is for you :
Kadhal Suthudhe (Sadhana Sargam, Naresh)

This is again a racy number sung by Sadhana Sargam in the company of a newcomer Naresh. It’s quite untypical of Sadhana Sargam to feature in such fast numbers. A set rhythm accompanied by foot-tapping beat, the song is sure to reach out to youngsters. Naresh is also not overawed. He proves equal to the task as fishes out the right nuances and comes up with the right inflexions at right moments.

Saurabh Chakote said...

I liked the Ru ba Ru song from rang de basanti..... it 's mind blowing experience.