Sivaji, Pudupet and LOTR

1. Today’s Hindu carries a poster of “Sivaji: The Boss” and it says the shooting starts today. Rajini looks pretty cool in the picture. He wears a blue tuxedo and a cooling glass. His dense hairstyle reminds younger Rajini in early 90’s. But I don’t like that thick mustache much. Sorry guys, I don’t have a scanner to post the picture here.

2. The most eagerly awaited soundtrack of the year (next to Aa Aah), “Pudupet” is releasing tomorrow. The tag line of Pudupet is “The survival of the fittest”. Let us see what this successful (Selva Raghavan + Yuvan + Na.Muthu Kumar) combo is to deliver. The poster also has a promise about the music. It says, “Music that will enlighten your soul from tomorrow”. Considering the subject of the movie, I feel there will be dappanguthu numbers but with a class of their own. Let us see. Also Selva and Yuvan went to Bangkok Symphony orchestra to record the theme music of the movie.

3. There is a short review here on the ‘taste’ of Lord of the Rings the musical that is going to be staged on Feb 2006.

It has few words to say about the music in which our master A.R.Rahman is also involved.

The words written by Shaun McKenna and Warchus, united with the music by A.R. Rahman and Värttinä, stood with enough strength of their own.

Already, it's possible to see how orchestrator Chris Nightingale is creating a unique sound: not folk, not symphony, not show tunes, but an inspired distillation of all three.


Maverick said...

Getting an error msg for the LOTR link. Could you just copy&paste the contents here?

Anonymous said...

You can check the Pudhupet Image at www.tamilnapster.com , I just came acorss the image just as you explained in the blog.

It did say "Music to elighten your soul from Tomorrow !" ! Lets hope its soon released on their site.

Filbert said...

Looking forward to your Pudhupet review. Seems like the movie has only 4 songs but there are 6 other instrumental tracks as well.